Whether you’re buying or renting a new place, timing is crucial. The date you pick as your moving day can affect your other plans and the whole moving process, from hiring movers or renting moving equipment to settling in your new home. That’s why it is critical to start your search at the right time – not too early or too late. In this guide, we’ll share some tips on when the best time to move to a new apartment in Louisiana is. These will help you make your moving plans and minimize the whole moving stress as much as possible.

The reason why you should care about the timing

The real estate market depends on many different factors, and one of them is undoubtedly timing. The reason why you should care about the time to move is that it can help you find an apartment faster, but also get a better deal. This decision can save you money and make the search a lot easier. That’s why you need to think carefully and set your priorities when it comes to your next move. Is it a better apartment or a lower price? Knowing what you’re looking for will narrow your options down and help you pick the best time to move to a new apartment.

When to start the search

First things first, make sure you evaluate your situation. No plans can apply if you need a new home right away. However, if you have some time until you need to leave the old apartment, it’s best to start your search about 45-50 days before the moving day. It would be best if you didn’t start too early, but also not too late, as it will make the search confusing and unsuccessful. This time frame is enough to research your favorite places and neighborhoods, explore the available units and compare the potential choices. But, what’s the best season to start the search?

Buildings in Louisiana
The time when you decide to move to a new apartment in Louisiana will probably affect the location and price

Summer apartment-hunting

In general, summer is a great time to move to a new apartment in Louisiana. Anytime between May and September is the time where you will probably have the most options. People make changes during spring and summer, students look for a new place for college, so there will be plenty of apartments to choose from. Just make to hire residential mover well in advance as they tend to be very busy during summer. Furthermore, you can have the entire household transported a lot more easily, as packing and traveling are simpler in warm weather. However, the disadvantage of summer-season hunting is the competition. As this is a pretty busy period, many people will look for the same thing you are. This leads to higher prices, and therefore this is not an option for you if you’re searching for a cheaper option.

Looking for a place during winter

Winter is a great time to move to a new apartment in Louisiana if you are moving on a budget. The winter season is not busy in real estate, and the competition is not fierce. Even though there might not be too many vacant apartments, be optimistic and have patience so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Moreover, the winter season comes with lower rents and more affordable moving fees. Even though some say moving during winter is more complicated, precaution measures, a solid moving plan, and patience will make a winter relocation smooth and stress-free.

Moving in Louisiana – what’s to know?

After you find an apartment, it’s time to plan your moving day. Start making plans as soon as you pick an apartment. This will give you enough time to finish everything before the big day comes.

Make a moving checklist

Even with the best organizational skills, a moving checklist can be very helpful during the moving process. Make a list of things you need to do, purchase or schedule before the moving day, and tick them off as you make progress. You will make the whole moving process a lot more organized, and more importantly, stress-free.

Have someone to help you out

It’s important not to deal with everything on your own. You can ask friends or relatives to help you with this move. However, packing and transport tasks should be handled by a professional. This will minimize the risk of getting hurt and make sure your household is relocated safely with minimum risk of damage.

Get a storage unit if necessary

Sometimes, we get a smaller apartment in exchange for a better location. And that’s great! You can be closer to your new office or some favorite attractions in the city. However, lack of space can be an issue here, forcing you to give up some of your items. Luckily, there’s a better solution to this problem and it’s called portable storage. You can get yourself additional storage you can easily transfer wherever and whenever you want. It can be beneficial during the moving process but also for dealing with some of the items that can’t currently fit you are apartment.

Renter’s insurance is a must

Certain Louisiana areas are susceptible to floods and hurricanes. Even though in that case you’re not responsible for damage, your items can get damaged. That’s why you should always go for secure renters insurance and protect your belongings as much as possible.

A tall building with apartments for rent.

Renting an apartment means knowing the renter’s obligations and rights, too.

Clean the place thoroughly

It is vital to start a new life chapter fresh and in a clean environment. That’s why you should deep-clean your new apartment before you move in – it’s easier to do it without all the furniture inside. Furthermore, make sure you inspect the place for bugs, as they can be a problem in certain areas due to the climate. It’s your landlord’s responsibility to take care of it, so be sure to communicate if an issue occurs.

A living room in an apartment.

Clean the new apartment, so you can start fresh after moving

Once you decide to take the plunge and relocate and pick the best time to move to a new apartment in Louisiana, you will have a lot to handle. It starts with picking the right home and ends with unpacking the boxes. However, if you choose an apartment that suits you well, all the effort will be worth it.

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