If you want to find a property fast – Look no further!

In this article, we look at the positives of engaging a buyer’s agent to speed up the process of property purchasing in Australia.

Instead of generalising all of Australia, we are going to look at an exciting new wave of property and infrastructure investment. In real estate terms, it’s almost been forgotten, Canberra.

Since 2016, multi-billion-dollar investments have gone into commercial, retail and residential projects that have created considerable interest in migration to the city and huge interstate and global appeal.  

However, for those who don’t know the city and more importantly, the market, would you gamble and do it by yourself or would you hire the services of a Canberra buyer’s agent?

You can also search for them under an ACT buyer’s agent or a buyer’s advocate Canberra as they also referred to as buyers advocates in Australia.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a buyer’s agent

Choosing a property that is perfect for whether you are, single, a couple or a family can be an arduous task. Many people’s lifestyles mean they do not have the time to go it alone due to work and family commitments. 

Even for people who can dedicate some time looking at property purchasing, whether it be for an investment property in Canberra or buying a house in Canberra, the reality is the market is moving too fast. 

Unless you have as much time or knowledge as a Canberra Buyer’s agent, then you need one. 

Open houses may sound like a good idea, but the success rate is minimal without representation and a skilled negotiator.

Making bad decisions is all too common. Too often, you end up settling for something due to frustration and end up in a location you wish you had known more about before committing.

Knowing about what the local government have planned for the area is a key factor. New transportation routes, new schools and modern infrastructure, in general, can give you an indication of the potential return on investment (ROI) over the coming years. Knowing what the average sales price of the last 20 properties sold in the area also would come in handy given the square meterage and number of bedrooms.  

All these are factors that the average person would need to do considerable research into to make an informed decision. A Canberra buyer’s agent has all this data and more at their fingertips.  

A buyer’s agent could call you and say ‘make time tomorrow at 8 pm I’ve got a property that fits your spec, and I can negotiate it under budget. We need to take a look as there’s interest and the price may rise within a week.’

Timing is everything when buying property in Canberra, the saying of ‘you snooze, you lose’ going into 2021 most appropriate!

A buyer’s agent takes your needs into consideration

It’s not what you want; sometimes it’s what you need! Sometimes a buyer has a fixation on a particular property in Canberra or on an investment property in Canberra.  

A Canberra buyer’s agent or agency will sit down with you and take time to conduct a thorough assessment of you. At the end of this, they will be aware of your needs, your work situation and family life.

If there is a necessity to be close to schools or shopping, or if you want to raise a family or are looking for capital appreciation, they will start looking with all this information at hand.

No stone will be left unturned before you engage each other. 

Unlisted property Access

One of the unique features of an experienced buyer’s agent, i’ll repeat an experienced buyer’s agent is access to ‘off-market’ properties. These are properties that haven’t gone to market ‘yet’.

These come through previous networking and contacts. Sometimes extremely high-net-worth people with luxury accommodation are nervous about letting the general public know about their premises. They prefer to sell their property in Canberra through a trusted source, privately. In some cases, a seller will call the buyer’s agent to inform them to market for a quick sale, if it fits your criteria they make the viewing arrangements.  

Beating others in the race to buy

A Canberra Buyer’s agent understands the city like the back of their hands. Being accompanied by a skilled negotiator, especially at Canberra property auctions, for example, backed up with solid local market knowledge, puts you on the front foot.

At those auctions, if you have a professional auction bidding agent that is also a skilled and tough negotiator by your side, you have every chance.

Imagine if you were in the shoes of the other bidders at that auction that could have been you on your own. You would not stand a chance, well you may end up with a property but paying over the odds for it for sure. 

A skilled buyer’s agent steps in and pushes everyone else out and stops amateurs from beating you to the buy. 

Interstate solutions

Imagine living in Brisbane, so far from Canberra but knowing about the real estate boom in the capital, property is considerably cheaper than the Gold Coast, you want in but know nothing.

A classic example of where BIG mistakes can happen. A Canberra buyer’s agent can be hired to do everything on the ground and give you a detailed report, place the bid and conduct negotiations on your behalf during the property purchasing process from the comfort of your own home or office. No need to even be there!

It is making buying a property in Canberra or buying a home in Canberra easy when it could have cost a lot of time and money on travel and ultimately many disappointments. 

Investment knowledge

A Canberra buyer’s agent will not just assist you in buying a property in Canberra but giving you an understanding of potential capital growth within the area.

Also informing you of possible government plans to build new infrastructure over coming years, so it’s not just a one-off purchase it gives you ideas for the future with a different perspective. 

Negotiating skills

Canberra buyer’s agents are now extremely busy.

Since 2016 there have been billion dollar projects in the city such as the mixed-use development in Belconnen, and subsequent substantial multi-million dollar projects in Inner South and Inner North.

What was a sleepy market for many years in now a thriving real estate market with not only attention from people in the state and interstate but from around the world.

Canberra is fast becoming a cut-throat real estate market. Without a buyer’s agent by your side, you will be dealing with hungry selling agents who are in the middle of the most significant growth cycle of their lifetime in the real estate industry.  

A Canberra buyer’s agent understands property purchasing and how quickly booming market prices become inflated; however, they represent you and your interests ONLY.

They negotiate hard, but fair and ensure you do not pay one dollar more than you should and in many circumstances can get you a better price which ends up paying for their services. 

Even successful people in the city who are high-net-worth buyers, of course, skilled in their profession but not necessarily capable of negotiating with a seasoned seller who is hungry for commission.  

A skilled auction bidding agent can go head to head with a seller at any Canberra property auctions to get a fair price for the property.

Both know how the process will work, and the right price is quickly and easily agreed as it’s suitable for all parties.

Remember that a buyer’s agent is not emotionally attached to the property in Canberra. They are only focusing on getting you what you want, at the best price and ensuring the settlement and paperwork runs smoothly.  

Their ultimate goal is to get those keys in your hand with the minimum of fuss so you can carry on with your day-to-day life.


If you are looking to get involved in the property purchasing cycle, buying an investment property in Canberra or buying a house in Canberra, understand the market is moving fast. If you do not have the time to immerse yourself into it completely, look up a Canberra buyer’s agent and check them out.  Yes, it will cost a few dollars, but in the bigger picture, you will get what you want, at the price you want, and a lot quicker than going it alone. Good luck!

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