Scaffolding is not uncommon in construction projects. It serves as a temporary structure that allows workers to have a platform to move around the construction site faster and bring different construction materials to hard-to-reach areas. Contractors and painters also use scaffolding when building and painting the exterior and interior of homes and other establishments.

But aside from its uses in the construction industry, you may also find other uses of scaffolding indoors. Here is a list of the common indoor functions of scaffolding that you may consider for any upcoming projects that may or may not be related to construction.

For Theatrical Plays

When watching theatrical productions, the audience would see the highly elaborate set design of the stage from their seats. But behind the props, you will find plenty of scaffolding towers holding the detailed background design. These scaffoldings serve as the foundation of the stage set. It is especially true if the design needs to cover the set from the ground up. The art department of theatre production companies usually chooses to scaffold for this job because they can move it around quickly when needed.

For Art Displays

Large art spaces also take advantage of the scaffolding’s versatility to display some art pieces. The art galleries purchase scaffolding with different heights and use it during exhibits to showcase multiple artworks at once. Because scaffoldings have several layers, the museum curator or the set designer can place different art pieces in each layer strategically based on the theme that the artist and the museum want to achieve. The different heights of the scaffolding could provide another layer of artistry for the gallery.

For Stage Production

Aside from using scaffolding to set-up the stage background, scaffolding can also take the spotlight if used as one of the props during a live stage performance. It can serve as an elevated area when the performing artists choose to go to a higher part of the stage to let the people seated at the back to see them perform. It can also serve as a seat for musicians who want to play an instrument like a guitar or a ukulele during the show. Other uses of scaffolding for this function include additional space for background dancers to stand to or an extra area for keeping some of the props for the ongoing production show.

For Home Renovations

Scaffolding can be the perfect tool to use when the home where you live is under renovations, especially if the project takes place indoors. The indoor scaffolding can let workers finish their tasks in different heights. They can use it to paint the ceilings, change the light fixtures, and work under the stairs. The workers can also step on the scaffolding to install glass panels in the higher areas of the establishment. Decorators can also use scaffolding to put up various furnishings even in the unreachable nooks and crannies of the home.

Using scaffolding for any project can help make anyone’s life easier. This typical construction material is an essential tool that all builders and decorators cannot do without. If you are planning to get one for your upcoming project, make sure that it comes from a reputable supplier. Most importantly, look for high-quality scaffolding that will not break easily to ensure the safety of the workers.

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