Moving in with your partner and starting a life together in a new home can be exciting. However, you must be well prepared and make sure you have everything you need before taking this step.

Moving represents a transition period where you should pay particular attention and care to your relationship. Moving in with your partner doesn’t need to end in disaster and put extra pressure on your relationship. That said, being prepared will avoid the stress of having to resolve unforeseen day-to-day issues. 

For this reason, we explain what indispensable factors you should consider to start living as a couple that  will smooth the many obstacles of the beginning of your new life. Thinking about the following tips will avoid overlooking essential situations that could make your move a more cumbersome process.

Finding the new place

We understand that it can be complicated to look for a new place. Although it may be difficult, this step may be one of the key factors. Otherwise, the process of adaptation could ruin cohabitation. Finding a new place will avoid uncomfortable moments and arguments. In case it is impossible to start in a neutral space, both people must be flexible and very patient.

Finances and order 

Before living in the same household, money as a couple was only an issue that arose at leisure time. For example, when going out to eat or going on a trip. When two people start living in the same space, they will have to take care of the everyday expenses: bills and rent, among others. If you don’t approach it comfortably and communicatively, money can become a delicate issue. Before moving in, a verbal agreement should be made so that both of you are in agreement. Figure out the best way to divide the expenses and what percentage of your salaries will be dedicated to the rent or mortgage. Ideally, you should not spend more than 30% of your joint income and be clear about the division of the expenses. The ideal combo is to simplify and structure. The same goes for order and cleanliness. Talking and having a joint conclusion will ensure that this issue does not become a problem in the near future.

Be practical

Get to know the area. Walk around the neighborhood of your possible new home and pay attention to the businesses you can find. How far will you have to walk to get to the nearest supermarket? Where are the hospitals, dentists, or pharmacies in the area? What places are there to go out to eat or have fun on weekends? These are some of the questions you and your partner will need to answer during your initial exploration of the grounds of your future home.

Consider space

It may sound counterintuitive, but you each must have your personal space and time when living together. After all, moving in with your partner is not at all about becoming the same people. If possible, try to find a place with more than one room. A den, living room, or entertainment room can make all the difference in a relationship’s dynamics.

Who are the neighbors? 

Before moving in, ask who the neighbors are and what the area is like. There may be schools, an airport or factories nearby that will disrupt the peace and quiet and end up ruining your idyllic living experience together. Ask who the neighbors are to identify possible problems or commonalities they may have.

Create a checklist 

With a little organization and collaboration, moving won’t be a nerve-racking process. The best way to avoid forgetting anything is to create a moving checklist in which you consider each of the tasks of the stressful process. The list will also help to divide the tasks in a much more organized and fair way. 

Thinking through these aspects of the relationship before making the big decision will help you to be more clear about your position and your feelings. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy in a more relaxed way this exciting step, by focusing on the beauty and not on the unnecessary fights. 

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