Plantation shutters, also known as plantation blinds, are a type of interior shutters, which feature a wider louver. They are usually better for the warmer regions, especially due to their excellent insulation. But, if you are currently living in a colder region, you can still use them in your home.

Contrary to the popular belief, these types of shutters, too, can be categorized in different models. Each of them is unique in their own way and, therefore, can be ideal for some unique aspects. So, without making any further ado, let us try to learn more in this context.

#1. Polywood Shutters

The polywood plantation shutters are quite durable and long-lasting. They usually do not split, crack, chip, or warp. Therefore, they can be an ideal option for a larger house. Additionally, the colour of these shutters does not fade away. Instead, they look even brighter and dazzling when the sunlight touches them. Some of the polywood shutters also feature an UV stabilizer-infused paint and they can block harmful UV rays to keep your family safe.

#2. Ovation Shutters

The ovation shutters tend to feature a handmade organization from furniture-grade teak material. Therefore, they can be quite robust in some respects. However, unlike the previous plantation shutters, they usually do not feature an excellent colouring scheme. Therefore, it will be better for you to use them on a white-painted room. However, there are some other stains available for the ovation shutters as well to offer a more suitable option for you.

#3. Reclaimed Wood Shutters

The Reclaimed Wood plantation shutters are usually made from repurposed wood, which were once being used in the fences. However, in some cases, these modules are also manufactured from other specific wooden structures and barns. Furthermore, the Reclaimed Wood shutters also tend to look pretty modish and sophisticated due to their intricate design.

#4. Vinyl Plantation Shutters

When talking about the price, the vinyl shutters are considered to be the least expensive options available in the market. These products are, indeed, water-resistant and, therefore, can perform well in the high-moisture areas. Additionally, these models also come with three different subtypes. Here is what you need to know about them –

  • The hollow vinyl plantation shutters are usually known as the most affordable products available out there. However, as they are hollow, they usually cannot carry the weight of a larger frame.
  • The structured vinyl shutters generally feature a robust outlook. Hence, unlike the previous option, they can bear a heavy load of weight. They can also lower the amount of sagging into the vinyl due to their structured form.
  • Last yet not least, the solid vinyl models are manufactured and filled with blown PVC. Thus, they offer a better stability than any other models mentioned before. However, they might cost a bit more than usual as well.

#5. Composite Plantation Shutters

Also known as faux wood or engineered wood, the composite plantation shutters are sturdier than almost any other option. As their name implies, they have, indeed, been made with engineered wood and, thus, can offer unparalleled robustness. Moreover, they are also humidity and weather resistant. Therefore, you can use them almost anywhere in the outdoor. They are considered as an affordable version of the wood shutters.

So, these are some of the amazing options that you can browse through while looking for the best plantation shutters. Just be sure to ramp up your requirements in this aspect properly and, you can comfortably find the best option available for you. You may ask for recommendations as well if you are to up to the task. Good luck!

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