Commercial centres are designed to look attractive and appealing. Since it’s a formal space, you can’t afford to have the place looking filthy and unappealing. It is a kind of a representative of your work and even your persona. Your business acquaintance and your clients assume a lot about you by the look of your office and the cleanliness you maintain here. And imagine if your carpets look filthy, dirty, and too worn out, will you still be able to present a good image in front of your customers and clients?

The Best Tips to Keep Your Carpets Always Looking Presentable!

Since we read about the importance of the cleanliness and presentation of your carpets, you might as well understand the need of keeping it this way. And for that, you require to know the ways to achieve the same:

1. Always have a maintenance program

A clean carpet isn’t a day’s task or once in a month job. It’s a regular affair that needs to be followed at all costs. And for the convenience and ease of carrying this task, always have a maintenance program. In this program you can schedule the daily vacuuming of the carpet across the office and also a monthly or fortnightly professional cleaning as well.

2. Spot cleaning is imperative

You know spot cleaning, right? It is cleaning the spots and spills that happen on your carpets immediately. Ensure that you have a team of cleaning staff who are active all day long and are available when such an accident happens on your carpet.

3. Give emphasis to daily vacuuming

Daily vacuuming sessions are extremely important for the long life and beauty of your carpets. Don’t wait for the carpets to look filthy and soiled — and then clean them. Ensure that this task is carried out without fail every day.

4. Remove the chemicals and cleaners thoroughly

Not just the dirt, bet even your cleaning agents can make your carpets look older, and may even shorten their life. Some cleaning agents have bleach in them and if you are using them and some of these particles are left behind as residue, then it ruins their quality from within. It also leads to mould formation which again makes the carpets look pretty dirty and makes them unhealthy too. So, ensure that the cleaning personnel are thoroughly removing the detergents and cleaning agents they use for cleaning after the job is done.

5. Always have professional cleaners for the deep cleaning of the carpets

Deep cleaning or steam cleaning of the carpets is very essential in any commercial centre. You have hundreds of people entering and exiting the premises and naturally the dirt from their shoes resides on your carpet. If the workers are working in the same atmosphere, there are very high chances of infections due to this issue. A deep cleaning session at least once in a month is highly recommended for such centres –and this should be carried out only by professionals like Carpet Cleaning for Perth providing exceptional carpet cleaning in North Lakes.

All these steps are extremely important if you want your carpets to be presentable always. In short, nicely maintained carpets aren’t difficult to attain but they bring benefits in a multitude. 

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