Finding the right home inspector and getting the inspection done is not all when you are serious about selling your property on high notes. You also have to study the report and address the issues mentioned as well. Reading a house inspection report should be lucid and artless, the reader must not be bothered by heavy technical terms and explanations without evidence. There’s more to an ideal home inspection report that can be mentioned and if you are someone who just got an inspection done, then you must be able to decode the report. Read on to know the components of an ideal home inspection report.

Graphical Representation

A house inspector can read another inspector’s report without any pictures, but the client must be treated like a no-brainer when it comes to drafting a report. A Home Assessor should capture and insert pictures of the areas that need to be addressed in terms of maintenance. Without graphical representation, the client may feel clueless about the opinion of the inspector and that’s why every house inspection report must be drafted with pictures of various areas asking for repairs. Also, a pictorial illustration will help the reader get a quick reference for the area. 

Ranking of Repairs

All the clients of home inception know that the repairs of the areas mentioned in the report must be done orderly but if the rating of severity is not mentioned in the report, it can put the client in dilemma. Hence, it is a general practice and a trait of the Home Inspection in Altoona that the inspectors rate the level of priority every repair must wear. That way, it will be easy for the client to classify the warnings and get the repairs done accordingly. More to that, the rating of faulty areas should be influenced by the hazard possibility of the issue. For instance, the rating of a faulty fireplace must be higher than the same as a shower not working.

Conclusion for the Ideal Home Inspection Report

At the end of the day, the key factor every homeowner or buyer finds in the report is the conclusion of it and the final verdict of the inspector. A home inspector should not just highlight the issues of the house but also advise about the likelihood of the property and its price. All in all, if a property is priced high, the assessor should justify the price with his set of reasons. Otherwise, the client will be in confusion even after considering all the upkeep jobs. So, make sure the inspection report has a conclusion at the end that helps you make your decision. 

Getting the report of home inspection means that now it is your job to get things done right according to the report, or else, there is no point in a home inspection at all.

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