Renting out an apartment is more challenging than it meets the eye. It’s not just about letting a person move in and move out, as you have to take care of your unit the whole time. Then, once the tenant moves out, it’s your job to get the unit in order so that you can safely rent it out to someone else. It’s very important to check the place thoroughly after someone moves out to make sure things are in order and your unit is ready for someone new to take over. Here’s a Tenant Move-Out Checklist you can follow.

Inspect the unit

Before putting the unit up for rent again, it’s important to inspect it. Regardless of how clean and responsible, the last tenant was, you’ll want to make sure that everything is okay with the apartment. Check if there are any damages if anything’s broken and if the place is clean. Also, check for leaks in the bathroom and the kitchen.

This inspection will allow you to fix things up before anyone new moves in. As well as giving the new tenant a fine place to live, you’ll also be increasing the property value. Finally, you’ll be stopping the place from falling entirely apart. On top of all that, you’ll know exactly if the previous tenant carried out all their responsibilities stated in the lease.

Set a date

Having a move-out date is essential for this process to go as smoothly as possible. Moving out is a complicated endeavor which often requires constant communication between you, the old tenant, and often even the new tenant. Having a set move-out date will help avoid any miscommunication between the three parties.

To avoid any further miscommunication, also make sure that the date is neatly stated in the lease. Also, it’s a good idea to get the old tenant’s new address just in case you need to contact them about anything during the moving process.

Change the locks

A policy of most Australian landlords which the rest of the world should follow is to change the locks every time a tenant moves out. They simply go to the most reliable locksmith in Sydney and get their locks fixed as soon as possible. This ensures you and the next tenant are the only ones who have access to the apartment.

The old tenant may have returned the keys, but you never know if they made a copy. Regardless of how much you trust them, you still want to offer the new tenant a complete sense of privacy. Changing the locks regularly is especially important if you’ve had a lot of tenants over the years.

Find new tenants

Now that the logistics after the old tenants have moved out are done, it’s time to start looking for new tenants. As there are a lot of properties for rent, it can be hard finding new renters. You’ll also need to wade through all the potential new tenants and find the right fit for you and the apartment. As this will all take time, it’s advisable to start advertising your property as soon as the old tenants give you the move-out notice.

This will give you enough time to get your property out there, to find potential new tenants, and to narrow down the people you want to do business with. This will also ensure that you keep getting the monthly rents.

When advertising your property, don’t forget to clearly state when the property will be available. This will help attract more suitable people and it won’t waste your or someone else’s time. As well as that, include recent pictures. If people want to see the apartment, check with your current tenants when this would be possible. They might be moving out, but for now, this is still their home.


With this Tenant Move-Out Checklist, you’ll easily make sure everything’s right as it should be in your unit. You’ll have no trouble finding a new tenant once your apartment is in order and you’re able to offer the quality and safety that you should. As well as that, you’ll make sure your apartment get the proper care it needs. We’re confident that the unit will be as amazing as it was at the start for years to come.

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