For agents, daily marketing work can be exhausting. Technology is supposed to help you out but what to do if it’s the other way around? We put together some tech tips for real estate agents that might save you loads of time and sanity.

Tech tips for real estate agents

1. Organize your business

Keeping daily activities under control is challenging. Email campaigns, open houses, online promotions and advertising, referrals, commissions – everything is equally important. So without a good system to rely on, agents are snowed under with manual work.

A real estate CRM is a good place to start. It will help you manage contacts, tasks, inventory and teams. Good CRMs integrate with your website so you can:

  • automatically add new website leads to the CRM;
  • run your site (or a network of sites) right within your CRM;
  • manage team(s) via one dashboard.

That means the bulk of the work is done and all business data is saved for the future records. In fact, agents see a 41% in sales productivity once a CRM is put in place. 

2. Create property proposals automatically

As an agent, you need dozens of property proposals every day. Forget about templates which you fill out manually. A good CRM should automatically configure these proposals for you. You’ll be able to save them online or print them out.

3. Produce more content with the right tools

You hear that content is essential for a strong digital presence all the time. But what can you do if you just can’t find enough hours in a day to handle it?

If you’re running your real estate blog on your own, here are a few tools that will save you time:

  • Feedly (content curation and staying on top of the best content you’d like to write about or share with your followers);
  • Google Alerts (real-time notifications on the latest news and topics you’re interested in);
  • Canva (creating beautiful images with free templates).

4. Put social media on autopilot

Sharing content to your social media profiles doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With social media tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, you can schedule posts to any of your networks, monitor streams and interact with your followers via one single tool rather than four or five tools.

5. Scan docs on the go

Agents deal with an immense amount of paperwork each day. If you need to digitize your documents, CamScanner is a perfect option. Just scan the document with your phone and the app will save it as a PDF document. You can then share it with colleagues or clients, send to email or print.

Final thoughts

Keeping up with technology doesn’t have to be complicated. If you ever feel desperate at the amount of work awaiting you every day, remember to use these apps to work easier and smarter.


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