Getting a new home is such a huge and exciting event in every family’s life. However, this process brings a lot of stress, as the investment is considerable. People want the best deal when buying a home, so they often wonder what’s the best option for them. When faced with housing options, you can choose between renovation and a new home. Each of these options has its pros and cons, and it is often difficult to decide. In this article, we’re going to help you make the right decision – should you remodel an old house or buy new construction in Fremont, CA? Let’s find out!

Know your options

Firstly, let’s make sure you know what your options here are. When renovating an old house, you’re paying a lower price in the beginning. However, you already have a foundation that you need to adjust to your preferences and style. Renovation doesn’t need to apply to the whole house. Therefore, the costs can vary a lot. When buying new construction, you get a brand-new home, but at a higher price. However, many people don’t want to deal with remodeling and love the brand-new home smell. So, let’s go to comparing these two options to find the perfect solution for your new home.

Should you remodel an old house?

Let’s start with the renovation option first. We will present both the positive and negative sides of this solution to give you a realistic picture of the process. This way, you can decide if you should do a house makeover or buy new construction in Fremont.


When buying an old home, you get a property that was built some time ago, which means old-style craftsmanship and attention to detail. Very often, old-style trends become popular again. These homes are often unique and have distinctive exterior and interior features. With the renovation, you add another level of the unique look adapted to your preference.

Furthermore, older homes often have a better location. As they had been made before a city was fully developed, these houses took a better location closer to the city center. Additionally, these homes have an advantage in terms of size. They often have bigger yards, as space wasn’t as much of a problem in the past.

Loving the process

Finally, renovating an old home is a fantastic experience for many people. The feeling of making something better and more beautiful will add value to the property and make you feel at home a lot before.

two people painting a home
The renovation also means making memories and enjoying the process

Bonus tip: When moving into a new home and making it unique and cozy, people often choose some interesting pieces such as paintings, sculptures, or instruments. Even though these add a special touch to your home, they might be challenging to relocate to the new house. That’s why your piano should be handled by someone experienced and the same goes for any other fragile item in your home. This way, you’ll make sure your move will be damage-free and without any unexpected costs.


The reality is that both remodeling and new construction have some disadvantages. When you remodel an old house, the costs can vary. From adding just another layer of paint to some major repairs, the budget can go over the top very quickly. However, make sure you consult the professionals and buy a house in good condition. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to do.

For those loving the modern look, the old-style home may not be an option. Not everyone loves old-fashioned curb appeal, so if you’re not into this, look for a new construction home. Additionally, the older homes have less storage space. Closets, garage, and additional storage is often an issue with older homes, so be sure to find a solution to help you with the problem.

An old house that you need to renovate
If you can’t decide if you should remodel an old house or buy new construction in Fremont, estimate the costs to help you out

New construction homes – is it overrated?

Many people feel that paying more for a newly constructed house is overrated. However, maybe that’s not the case. Let’s see all the pros and cons of buying a brand-new home to decide whether you should remodel an old house or buy new construction in Fremont instead.


Start with the positive side of this purchase. Here are the benefits of a freshly-built home:

  • minimum maintenance – with a new home, you save a lot on maintenance;
  • new technology – when building a new house, you can consider some of the fantastic new technologies and adapt the electrical system to the contemporary requirements;
  • modern design – newly constructed homes give you freedom in choosing the floor plan, indoor style, and curb appeal;
  • new building standards – construction technologies are continually developing, which means you can use up-to-date materials and techniques to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.
A man working after he has decided whether to remodel an old house or buy new construction in Fremont.
Starting from scratch is often exciting and gives you more freedom


Surely, every housing option has some cons, even the newly built home. As the city’s best locations were taken years ago, new homes are often located at a further distance from the city center. For some, this might be a disadvantage as it may include longer commutes. Additionally, as you’re building a home in a new lot, there are probably no trees and other greenery, or they have just recently been planted. It may take years before you can have a perfect shade in your yard.

Furthermore, new homes are often part of a one-style community, so your home will be similar to those in the neighborhood.  And finally, the move-in date can be delayed several times due to bad weather. On the other hand, if you’re doing an interior renovation of an old home, you can expect the move-in day a lot sooner.

Planning the move

As your new home gets closer to being ready, you should start planning the move to Fremont. Make sure you organize relocation with the help of reputable experts, so you don’t need to worry about one more thing. There will be a lot going on about the house, so ensure a smooth relocation in advance and rely on experts.

How to pick the best option?

When you need to decide if you should remodel an old house or buy new construction in Fremont, CA, you should take your time to consider your options. Contact professionals or experienced friends to help you decide. Study your budget, life-situation, and available time to make sure the decision you make goes well with your long-term plans. Only then will you be sure that you’re taking the right steps towards a dream home.

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