Everyone in life wants to upgrade or leave behind the old and walk towards a new chapter of their lives. While most times, it is as easy as deciding to change careers or employers, it is not always the case. When it comes to selling an old house, things are never that straightforward. From hidden issues to apparent damages, a thorough check by home inspectors weed out problems. Among these, there are three repairs that you need to take care of before listing your property. These tips have been brought to you by home inspection services Lithia FL.

An old, leaky roof

Roof damage is typical in old homes. Either there are holes from pests or rot, or there are leaks. Regardless of the type of problem, it is always better to check the roofing and have a contractor repair them before selling your place. In the worst cases, you may even need to replace the entire roof. Doing so will help you price the home better while also ensuring the safety of potential buyers. Should a buyer find the problem through an inspection, it could lead to a failed deal or, worse, unfavorable renegotiation. 

Sagging walls and stuck windows

If your house’s walls are sagging and have stuck windows, you may be having problems with your foundation. This is especially true for homes whose foundation has not been checked for over a decade. These are core issues that home inspectors look for and report in their findings. Should a buyer find these problems, they may walk away from the sale without a second thought or discussion. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of saggy walls and stuck windows before listing the property. Have some look at the slab under your house to check for cracks, erosion, and shifting soil.

Sinking floors

If you find the floors sinking in certain areas, you may have a problem with the foundation. Alternatively, it could be due to old flooring. There is the possibility of a rotting floor owing to termites or flooding. Either way, uneven floors are a definite red flag for buyers and the inspectors they hire. Therefore, you need to fix this before listing the property. In fact, it is better to check the foundation and floors even if you don’t find any irregularity. The need is more in houses that have been flooded in the past. 


Selling an old house can be a way of getting some extra money for some. As such, sellers try to sell their property for the best price. However, all their schemes can go waste if the house ends up having issues that can call off the deal. Fixing some critical problems within the home is necessary to speed up the sale and get a better price for the house. 

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