So, you’ve lived in the house for five years, huh? It has given you a mixed bag of memories. Some good and some less so. But all in all, you’ve had a wonderful time in this place you’ve been pleased to call your ‘home’. However, life’s too short to stay in one place for too long. It’s time to move on. To catch the opportunities when they come flying by. To upgrade. And this is where I come in.

Selling your property is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous factors to consider, given the risky real estate environment, and the worst part of it is that you only get to play this game once. Any wrong step can bring your reputation down in the market and affect a customers reaction. That is why you have to be careful when you draw your cards. The following tips from expert sellers will guide you on your home-selling journey. Heed to them and you’ll succeed.

Advertise Right

The most important thing about selling a house is to draw the right sort of attention to it, i.e. from potential buyers. For that purpose, you’d need to get the word out there that your house is open for viewing. There are numerous channels you can use to get in touch with the interested crowd. You can surf social media for real estate groups and pages and post your open house event there. Other than that, you can list your home on trusted local websites. You can use ‘word of mouth’ strategy, post flyers around your neighborhood, or advertise via newsletters. The sky is the limit.

Be Informed

It is an open house event, so surely there are going to be prospective buyers coming and going, and directing all sorts of questions about the house at you. You have to be prepared beforehand to face such a scenario. You cannot be a clumsy or ignorant seller. Your personality should exude confidence and knowledge because this will ultimately affect buyers’ perception and decision regarding your house. Gather all the details about your house before the event, stay informed about the upcoming developments in your locality and how it would influence the house’s community profile.

Present Perfectly

It’s a competition between a plain sponge and a fully-iced cake. Which one do you think will get the majority vote? The iced-wonder, yes. Why? Because presentation matters! Before you open the house to public viewings, make sure to make it picture-perfect from top to bottom. Leave no stone unturned in staging it like the eighth wonder of the world. It will automatically boost the property value. Tackle all the repairs, fix any leaks, and ask for professional help if you want to. A little investment will go a long way.

Install VR

The latest technology that immensely supports real estate agencies is a virtual tour around the property. This way you would not be wasting your or your customer’s time because everything will be handled virtually. You can even connect with online real estate fairs where you can book a booth to advertise your property/properties online. Your visitors can conveniently look around the property from their homes. Let your visitors lead themselves for once and see how well they engage with your offering. The only trouble is the scarcity of such virtual fairs on the internet, but you can certainly find some that work internationally. This way you will definitely have a broader reach with better chances of generating qualified leads. But, before you hop on to any of these techniques, you need to know that only a high-quality internet can support the successful implementation of such advanced equipment. Check such internet connections before planning to install advanced features to your system. 

Lead with Signs

Signposts are a handy way of attracting the attention of the passersby. Sometimes, random people going about their own way become prospective buyers, when they’re pulled in by majestic signs. These lead the interested folk right to you and expand your real estate chances. So, do not miss out on signs.

Add Some Social Spice to it

Live streaming is all the rage these days. You find people making Facebook live videos of concerts or community functions etc. Imagine one such individual making a live stream of YOUR open house event because it was THAT fun. Yes? Be the best host you can be because it definitely leaves an impression on prospective buyers. Serve them chilled lemonade if the weather’s hot, or get hot chocolate around on those cool, windy days. The point is once the social buzz spreads like wildfire, you’ll be getting one amazing offer on top of another, in no time.

So, implement these expert tips and see how perfectly you sell your property.

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