According to a survey conducted on 800 global HR executives by Gartner Inc. in March 2020, 88 percent of organizations have encouraged their employees to work from home. And for most employees, remote work culture is new, and they feel more disconnected than ever.   

This situation has made it very difficult for organizations to continue offering employee training, especially those accustomed to training employees in-person. Research from Brandon Hall Group shows that 96 percent of organizations provide in-person training, and according to the Training Industry, most learners prefer training delivered in-person.   

Generally, employee training programs are conducted by the HR or the L&D department. However, with the current pandemic outbreak, the employee training structure is jeopardized. The real question here is: How to continue training employees while working from home in the right way?  

The answer is to leverage a learning management system (LMS) that addresses learning challenges and encourages employees to give 100 percent. LMS plays a crucial role in organizing proper training and development sessions that hold value and facilitates career development.   

This blog post will give you eight compelling reasons to implement a learning management system in your organization for employees’ remote training sessions.   

Reduces training time and expenses  

Every organization requires skilled employees to sustain a balanced growth. Their job performance and satisfaction level depend on the available opportunities to enhance their skills. This requires well planned L&D sessions that are executed on time and garner support from business leaders.   

Leveraging an LMS can reduce the training expenses and save time compared to the in-person training technique. LMS helps keep the cost of hiring an instructor, traveling, lodging, renting a venue, printing the training material, etc.   

The loss of business hours due to in-person training can be reduced by implementing an online learning platform that will enable employees to learn from anywhere, anytime, using any device.   

Centralized knowledge pool  

Businesses drive innovation based on intellectual capital. LMS provides a centralized pool of up-to-date, consistent, and accessible resources across the organization. LMS provides uniform learning opportunities even for the geographically distributed workforce. LMS is enabled with tools that can easily create, upload, assign, and appraise the content repository.   

Engages employees  

The L&D focus has now shifted from providing employee training as a discipline to giving learning experiences that drive learner’s engagement, and artificial intelligence-powered LMSs fulfill the need effectively. Using training patterns and course preferences, LMS can identify the best-suited training programs from the centralized knowledge pool.   

Enriched learners’ choices motivate and engage the workforce to stick to LMS supported learning. Augmented employee skills are essential factors to increase job satisfaction and retention.   

Provides social learning  

LMS lets you leverage the power of social learning by including online forums, live chats, a news feed, and more. All aspects of social learning will help you learn from your peers and colleagues. Social learning allows employees to develop, support, and share insights in an informal setup. Social learning is an essential tool to generate preferred knowledge resources, obtain learner’s response, and improve the employee experience.   

Delivers blended learning  

LMS gives organizations the unique ability to train in multiple formats like Instructor-Led Training (ILT), e-learning, video-based learning, mobile learning, social learning, and virtual classrooms. Blended learning provides various learning options ranging from bite-sized micro-learning to hours of extended intensive learning programs. The technique offers benefits for scaling audiences, economizing training budgets, and expanding reach.   

Facilitates business intelligence  

The learning analytics feature of LMS is of massive significance in improving employee’s learning experiences by capturing details related to the training modules and their interest. LMS provides the ability to track progress easily and generate performance reports overall or on an individual level. L&D can track learning progress, knowledge gains, and improvement areas.   

Enables extended enterprise training  

Businesses can leverage learning as a strategic tool to drive sales, enhance brand loyalty, and drive customer satisfaction if their channel partners generate a more extensive revenue section. LMS provides relevant and engaging training material, evaluation, and modification of channel partner practices. Better trained and knowledge equipped channel partners can reach their peak performance and enhance business growth.   

Simplifies compliance training  

LMSs are equipped to automate administrative tasks, deployment, and tracking functions, designing the compliance training without much workload. This process ensures that the businesses are functioning with industry regulations. Simplification of compliance training has a significant role in expanding the LMS industry worldwide.   

As eLearning Journal states,  

“… at the end of the day, Learning and Development during a pandemic is all about adapting. The corporations have to adapt their business plans, learning and development professionals to online and virtual approaches, and the workforce to an eLearning experience. Digital learning might just be the solution that helps corporations maintain a productive and healthy workforce during difficult crises.”  

While we conduct training programs for remote workers online, it is the organization’s choice to decide which method to select. Brandon Hall’s research states that the use of video learning has risen to 71 percent during the pandemic, while the user of e-learning modules has been increased to 71 percent, too. The use of online games in the learning modules has been increased from 3 percent to 17 percent during the pandemic.   

And an equipped LMS can provide you all!  

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