Are your real estate listings good enough to attract prospective clients? Do they stand out in the sea of similar content? As you know, real estate listing descriptions are instrumental to reducing the time a property sits on the market. And yet many agents choose to craft a standard description with a bunch of flowery exaggerations and hope it will work.

Recent research from CoreLogic revealed the words which they claim can help sell a listing at a higher price. Let’s take a closer look.

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Best-selling words for real estate listing descriptions

According to CoreLogic, the following phrases used in real estate listing descriptions led to a higher selling price (although the definition of a higher price may differ depending on the region):

  1. pane windows;
  2. remodeled kitchen;
  3. new construction;
  4. exterior paint;
  5. interior paint;
  6. outdoor living;
  7. updated kitchen;
  8. single-level;
  9. fully fenced;
  10. hardwood floors;
  11. quiet street;
  12. RV parking;
  13. front yard;
  14. kitchen: granite, oven, range;
  15. vaulted ceilings;
  16. large backyard;
  17. fruit trees;
  18. light;
  19. bright;
  20. award-winning;
  21. fireplace;
  22. perfect for entertaining;
  23. stainless appliances;
  24. easy access;
  25. gas range;
  26. new paint;
  27. natural light;
  28. gas fireplace;
  29. walking distance. *However, we recommend that you do not use this particular phrase. For one thing, it’s a cliché that has been used far too often. For another, it does not carry any precise info. It’s always better to tell how long exactly it takes to get to downtown or shopping malls by car and on foot.

Lastly, remember that you should always aim at providing the most concise info regarding the property. Otherwise, you may face legal implications and even be sued. All in all, it’s a good idea to go through applicable regulations to know which language would be appropriate to use. For example, US realtors consult with the Fair Housing Act. Agents from other countries should make inquiries to find out where they stand.

Final thoughts

Try adding some of these words to your real estate listing description, if appropriate, and see if they make a positive impact on the selling price.

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