Do you know the one secret ingredient to make your real estate blog more helpful and interesting to your audience? Add valuable real estate content sources such as data and stats to showcase your point and strengthen your argument.

Since a busy real estate professional can’t spend hours digging up websites for some decent data to show to their audience, here’s a great list to bookmark:

15 Best real estate content sources for agents

Real estate industry news

1. Inman

Inman not only publishes exclusive real estate industry news and insights, but a wealth of marketing and technology tips for agents as well.

2. World Property Journal

“A digital newspaper for the global real estate industry”, World Property Journal is most useful for agents working with international markets, although it provides decent nationwide data too.

3. Forbes Real Estate

You will find coverage of real estate news and interviews with top-performing agents.

4. National Association of Realtors

The US National Association of Realtors is a huge site dedicated to covering every single aspect of working as a realtor, providing education for agents and serving as a go-to marketing destination.

5. Housing Wire

Another news-like real estate and mortgage site, Housing Wire is the agent’s source of the latest real estate market info.

6. Statista

Statista is a free portal featuring a wealth of stats on literally every topic you can think of. It can be very handy for preparing listing presentations and market reports.

Home improvements


With this resource, you’ll never run out of home improvement ideas to share with your buyers and sellers.

8. How Stuff Works

One of the best real estate content sources that can help agents create targeted content for sellers that would help them sell homes faster.

9. HomeAdvisor

This site features lots of info on home improvement projects that agents can share with their clients in one click.

10. Houzz

Houzz is the ultimate destination for home design ideas.


11. Great Schools

An agent can hardly ever stop talking about schools and it’s always one of the questions that clients are most concerned about. Great Schools is a non-profit website that publishes all sorts of school-related information agents can refer to in their listing presentations, market reports, videos and blog posts.

12. Area Vibes

Not exclusively a school resource, Area Vibes uses school info as one of the ranking factors for evaluating a livability score for an area.

13. School Digger

School Digger has a free database of over 120,000 schools in the US together with test scores, school rankings and various other metrics of interest.

14. Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout is not free yet the data agents can get is excellent. It’s broken down into real estate, demographics, crime, public school ratings and trends and forecasts. If you are looking for hyperlocal info, this is a good resource to consider.


For rankings of the US schools, check out

Over to you now! Use valuable data from these real estate content sources in your next blog/guest post or listing presentation to be more credible and knowledgeable.

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