Deciding to paint your room in the shades of red is a massive step to take! This shade not only beautifies and adds life to your walls, but also adds a touch of class, energy, and life to it. With red in the interiors, you no more need any power décor items to enhance the room’s beauty! This shade does it all! But even within this power shade red, there are some astounding hues which are worth experimenting with.

The Best Shades of Red to Glamorise Your Home!

Red in itself a color with a strong persona and character! It has some really impressive tones that look out of the world in any kind of surroundings. The talent is just to spread it perfectly on your walls with the help of great house painters in Auckland, FQS Interior does a really awesome job of painting your walls with their latest technique and lots of experience. Now you just need to paint your home red and see the magical transformation happen!

1. Blood Red

The most original and purest shade of red, the blood-red color looks passionate and powerful in itself. This shade makes a bold statement. That’s why when you spread it on your wall, they come alive. Use it on your accent walls – but don’t overuse it. Tone it down with a nude shade on your other walls like ivory or warm grey. Even neutral furniture and accessories are recommended so that your interiors do not look jarring to the eyes. But do add a dash of red here and there to play up the glamour quotient.

2. Muddy Earthy Red

Giving it a more earthy tone, this shade of red is perfect for the ones looking to do up their interiors in a rustic or eclectic style. Complement with wooden floors and furniture to complete the picture perfectly. With furnishings in neutral tones and a little touch of black here and there (say, photo frames, curtain rods), — and this room is going to speak of class and elegance.

3. Pinkish Red

Light red almost turning into dark pink – reminds you of sunrises and sunsets, right? And that exact serene feeling is what this hue would bring to your room. With a very light hint of pink and texture on the remaining walls and milky white furniture, don’t you think your room is going to like a dreamland?

4. Crimson Red

Crimson red is sweet as a cherry and changes the ambience of any room into a pleasant blush. Suitable for your girl’s bedroom, kitchen or even dining space, it pairs very well with pastels and provides a charming and magical backdrop. choose the floor and furniture in the darkest tone of wood or even black, add designer lighting – and the stage is set for dramatic enchantment. Oh, don’t forget to break the monotony with sheer drapes, transparent vases, bright yellow lilies in vases – you get the drift!

5. Orange Red

This shade is used pretty frequently in contemporary décors. This colour can be dressed up or down perfectly. The warmth that the shade exudes makes any room cosy and inviting – just the feeling you want your home to emit.  

Well, here are some of the most astounding shades of red to make your home look ravishing. Which one do you like for your home? 

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