Looking for house selling tips? Here is a guide on everything you need to know on how you can quickly sell your house. Selling your home can be daunting let alone selling it quickly. This should not deter you from making that sale and with the correct preparation and approach, you will be in the best position to do so. Below are house selling tips from a property maintenance company that will show you how to sell your property quickly and in a hassle-free experience.

8 House selling tips

Choose the right agent.

Selecting the best estate agent can be the difference between whether you will sell your house fast or not. Selling a property requires time, negotiating skills and knowledge of the neighborhood which is exactly what your real estate agent should bring to the table. Using a Property Protected estate agent will assure you that your agent meets all requirements, they follow the best practice and they work to industry standards.

Consider an open house.

This is beneficial to property sellers. The reason being is you can save time. On these days you will answer questions that the potential buyers might have. You will also have more viewings in a shorter period of time and won’t need to clean your house every time somebody wants to view it.

Prepare your house for sale.

 First impressions count! So it is important to prep your home for sale. You want to capture the attention of most buyers that walk through your front door and this can be achieved by preparing your home. Spruce up your front garden, clean your front door, put a welcome mat and clear the pathway. These simple house selling tips make your house more appealing and can easily incease the chance of a sale.

Make the most of the viewings.

If you want to sell your house quickly you need to market your property. List your house on a major property website, have a ‘For Sale’ board outside your home and tell friends and family that your house is up for sale. During the viewing; start with showing the best rooms, remain positive about the property and do not point out issues of the property unless asked.

Spruce up your home to max the price.

Wear and tear happens to even the best-kept properties. To give yourself the best chance of selling your property start with sorting the interior. To make your home more appealing, make sure that each room shows its purpose, hang up mirrors to add light and the illusion of the space. Allow natural light in by opening windows, fix small repairs such as repairing doorknobs, leaky faucets etc. Property maintenance shows buyers that you have been living in that property and you understand every detail that your house might have. Also, you can add clean white towels in the bathroom space to make it more appealing.

Clean and declutter.

 Tidiness plays a key role when it comes to selling property. Give your home a deep clean by either using the services of professional cleaners or do it yourself. Much of the deep cleaning should be emphasized in essential rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Decluttering your house will help to create more space for your property. Decluttering and depersonalizing will have potential buyers viewing themselves as the homeowners.

Choose the best time to sell.

Before you finalize your decision that you want to put your property up for sale, it is essential to spend some time researching the housing market. If the property is for sale when the buyer demand is high you will have higher chances of selling your property quickly. Spring and autumn are the best time to sell your property since the market tends to be busy with potential buyers.

Think about your pet.

Not everybody loves pets. When selling your property, you do not want to have any distractions and animals can take the attention of buyers. Some potential buyers may also be allergic to pets and this will not go well with your sale. Removing your pets from your home during viewings is advised.

3 mistakes to avoid when selling property

Here are the common mistakes that most property sellers make. They include:


Price is the first thing that potential buyers see when they come to view your property. Hence, valuing your home should be done right from the get-go. Before pricing your home do your research. Ask about the value of properties in your neighborhood and what is special about your home. Seek the services of professional estate agents who will use their knowledge and experience in valuing your property by giving it a fair price.

Too much personality

 During a viewing, your home should not feel over-personalized. The taste and preferences of the buyers differ from yours and thus items such as photos and books should not be present. Your belongings can distract buyers from seeing the full potential of your property and this would be to your disadvantage.

Bad photos

The home selling process has shifted online and great photos are a must for you to sell your property. Bad photos are the ones with bad lighting, poor quality or even blurry. To market your home, you should hire professional photographers or pick an estate agent who does. This will highlight the strengths of your property.

Bottom line

The above house selling tips should help you sell your home more quickly. Make your property feel like an alluring home to buyers and you will make that sale. Best of luck in selling you property and remember to try to enjoy the journey too.

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