If you have lost all the energy to execute a DIY tile and grout cleaning project, then you ought to hire a professional. These companies are plenty, and each one of them comes with a different expertise level. And it depends on you how to hire the best one as per your budget and requirements. 

So, here is a set of questions you can ask to know the reliability and experience level of a tile cleaning company brought to you by Brisbane Tile Cleaning services.

How many years of experience in tile cleaning do you have? 

Beware of those who are general house cleaners who might bid on your cleaning project. Always go for a professional who has substantial years of experience in tile and grout cleaning. They know how tiles need to be cleaned without tampering or breaking them at all. They do not use the wrong equipment or solution to clean up tough stains. 

Which cleaning techniques and solutions do they use? 

We assume that you know a fair deal about the tile cleaning services. This is an advantage as you can figure out whether the company staff is using the right cleaning methods and tools or not. You can formulate direct questions and confirm the method, devices, and solutions for cleaning. It might sound rude for some of you but remember that you cannot waste your time and money by hiring the wrong cleaner. So, adopt a polite approach so that the concerned person doesn’t feel offended, and you seek the right answers. 

What kind of tiles and grout is cleaned? 

There are varying types of tiles. Though grout is the same, the surface and condition could be different. Certain types of tiles need considerable care and attention, while some can be cleaned with the standard solutions. Ask the company staff which kind of tiles they have cleaned up before. Do they have ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures of the previous clients? A good tile cleaner will have a systematic description of their services and what kind of tiles and grout they treat.

Do they provide a satisfaction guarantee? 

A guarantee ensures that the outcome is provided as per the satisfaction level of the customer. If the cleaning company furnishes such a guarantee, you can be assured that you will seek the desired results. Clean and sparkling tiles, timely maintenance, good and co-operative staff, and the right cleaning methods. Do not leave a company if it provides a guarantee because very few companies do that. If your friend or relatives knows such a company, get their contact instantly. 

When you set up a meeting with the tile cleaning contractor, ensure that you have a set of specific questions ready in your hands to finalize the right one easily.

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