In the construction industry, concrete cutting services are very much essential to complete the job effectively, precisely, and within a stipulated time frame. There are several types of tools and blades that are used in different projects. It is very much important to be pollution-free, noise-free, accurate, and faster. Several services are provided by the companies according to the characteristics of the work, where various types of equipment are used for concrete cutting services. Let’s have a look at the different types of concrete cutting services available in the market.

Common Concrete Cutting Services concrete-cutting-services

It is the most common type of concrete cutting service, which is required very commonly in preparing pavements, cut floors, cut expansion joints, brick decks, installing underground pipes, and wires. This type of service requires specialized blades and tools, which is also known as flat sawing machines. These tools are commonly used to level out as well as to shave off the upper portion of concrete. This type of tool produces less dust in comparison to other normal tools.

Core Drilling

Making holes in a surface is commonly known as core drilling. The drilling tool is made up of metal with a coating of either diamond or carbide. The tool is designed with the motor, drill bits, and a handle. The difference between a core drill and other cement cutting tools is that a core drill extracts a sample from the material for further analysis. Having a hollow center, it allows to carve out a sample from the drilled material, and the shape is confirmed according to the drill bits. The sample drawn from the surface is known as the core sample.

  • It can be used on the surface of any material like wood, cement, rocks, and ice. A hole is formed with the penetration of twisting drill bits.
  • On the basis of feature, power, size, and type of the material. Heavy drills are used at large construction sites, whereas small drills are used in the domestic front.

Wall And Hand Sawing


When the requirement is to cut precisely on a wall surface, either vertically or horizontally, the wall sawing is essential. It gives the projects, like building a dam, tunnel, or doorway opening, to have a complete formation. Expert professionals using this saw can penetrate up to 33 inches in depth. An operation with a wall and hand saw machine provides a ventilator on the wall, thereby opening for a garage. This wall or hand saw tool is used in concrete cutting service, where flat saw cannot be used safely.

Curb Cutting In Concrete Cutting Services

In industries, curb cutting is necessary to get easy access to and for of the sidewalk. Curb cut is beneficiary in parking lots and driveways, the path of wheelchairs, strollers or skateboards, etc. In this method, specialized machines cut at a precise angle along the curb. The curb cutting can also create a lope incline with a finished look so that wheelchairs and scooters can easily be pushed upwards. When the roads and bridges require widening or demolition, the curb cutting machines and techniques are used for this purpose.

Concrete Coring And Demolition Jobs

Concrete coring is beneficial to open up a manhole and installing electrical or plumbing pipes. This type of concrete cutting service is also required to demolish the larger parts into smaller pieces and get it removed easily. The diamond-cut drilling bit used here prevents the machine and blades from overheating. 

Traditional demolition methods produce significant vibration and cause micro-fractures in the concrete. These micro-fractures can create a disaster in the future. However, the methods used by the concrete cutting service providers create low vibration to keep the integrity of the remaining structure intact. These concrete cutting services are precise, time-efficient, and environment friendly. Concrete cutting services perform the latest construction with safety techniques in order to meet the satisfaction level of the customers.

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