Congratulations on your new home! Closing the deal felt like the final step, but the process of turning this house into a home is not over yet. You’ve still got to make it your own. Here’s some must-have home decor to get your new life started on the right foundation.

1. A Comfortable, Classic Sofa

You’ll be spending many days relaxing and taking in your new space. Help keep it zen and relaxing with a comfortable couch for your living room. We recommend something in a neutral tone so that it won’t clash with other pieces as you build your home. If you want to go bold, then it’s best to do so early so you can purchase pieces to go with it.

2. Minimalist TV Cabinet

We spend a fair amount of time in the living room, which makes a TV cabinet must have home decor when you’re first moving in. Purchasing one early will help you stay organized as you start your time in your new home, keeping the space from getting cluttered. A modern, understated TV cabinet will hide assorted electronics, movies, and other stuff you’ve assembled. If a TV cabinet isn’t your style, other room addition ideas like a chest or storage ottoman works just as well.

3. Matching Dinner Set

You’ll want to start showing off your new space as soon as possible. So grab an elegant dinner set to help with hosting and having regular guests. Check out dinner set collections for some ideas. Get a whole matching set or fill in your collection with some special holiday pieces, as long as you empower yourself to entertain in style.

4. Dining Room Set

Somewhere to eat is somewhat of a no-brainer must-have home decor, but it’s worth mentioning. Get something basic when it comes to your dining room table and chairs and spend your money on a bold, interesting table runner or table cloths. Alternatively, feel free to pick up a true art piece here; it’ll inspire you to take enough time out of your day to spend meals with your loved ones. If your new home comes with a bar, then you could purchase comfortable bar stools instead. We recommend chairs with a back if you’ll be using them regularly to eat.

5. Eye-Catching Lamps

Do a quick walkthrough and assess any corners and dark spots you think might cause a problem. Then decide if a floor lamp or table lamp would look better there. Something showy, metallic, or sparkling will help bring visual interest in the interim period when your furnishing is still relatively sparse.

6. Cherished Piece for the Wall

Pick up at least one piece of wall decor that symbolizes you and your loved ones. It will bring style and your unique personality to your home. Plus, the act of hanging it as the final touch of moving in will make moving in finally feel real.

7. Choose the Right Door Knob

Door knobs play a significant role in keeping your home safe, but they can also be opportunities to add a touch of style to your home. There are many types of door knobs available that enhance the look and feel of any room.  While the change is small, updating your doors’ hardware can make your new home feel more contemporary.

8. Full-Length Mirror

It’s so valuable (and often forgotten) to have at least one full-length mirror in the home. Getting dressed, making one last check on your way out of the house, and more can be nigh impossible without a tall enough mirror. Mount one in your bedroom or bathroom or consider a floor mirror by the front door.

8. Fence Installation

Depending on your budget, incorporate style into your fence. Customize it with plant hanger hooks and a row of flowers. Once you decide to sell your home, one element that can raise the value of your home is by undergoing a new fence installation.

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