We know it’s weird and worth a laugh, but yes – myths aren’t just related to ghosts and spirits, they are about bathrooms too! And the most useless myths you’ll hear are about bathroom remodels. There are some crazy, baseless myths revolving around bathroom renovations and remodeling that often makes you drop the idea of such a project all together! Of course, this shouldn’t be the case, and these myths deserve to be debunked!

What Are the Crazy Myths Around Bathroom Remodeling?

If you are thinking of a bathroom remodeling job, it’s very important that you read this post at least once. There are some myths that are associated with bathroom renovation! But we need to be rational. Chuck the myth and embrace the reality.

1. Bathroom Renovations Don’t Add Value to the Home

Do you really think so? Practically, remodeling or renovating any part of your home adds to its value. Then why would bathrooms stay behind? Of course, your potential buyer would be impressed with the glammed-up faucet area, dramatic lighting, the glossy and beautiful bathroom tiles in Melbourne, Ceramic Tile Imports guarantees that the tiles you get from their store are worthy of your new bathroom space and would definitely enhance its beauty. And with all the other remodeling jobs done in this room, you get to enjoy a designer bathroom now, and get good value for your home when you want to sell it.

2. Bathroom Renovations is Done Only for Luxury

Absolutely a myth! A bathroom renovation is not done only because of the luxury factor. There can be an urgent need of doing so as well. Like, there can be a hairline crack in your walls, your tiles could be chipped, there may be leakage issues, or the ratty faucets are perhaps preventing you from washing up. These requirements do call for an urgent renovation of the bathroom. Not for luxury, but for your basic need, safety, and good living.

3. Bathroom Remodeling Makes the Space Larger

You can laugh out loud, but yes, this is the myth that most of us believe! Bathroom renovation doesn’t mean that your bathroom is going to be anywhere longer or larger than it previously was. The only way to broaden the space of a washroom is by breaking the walls and building a new one after extending the space. Yes, a bathroom renovation helps you layout the design practically and make it more convenient and visually appealing — but it doesn’t actually increase the area.

4. Bathroom Renovations Are Expensive

Come on, be sensible! You just can’t deprive yourself of a beautiful looking and functional bathroom because you think it’s an expensive affair. A bathroom can be redesigned and remodeled within your budget if you can plan everything wisely. The idea is just to plan it accordingly – cut your coat as per your cloth – simple!

These are some very common myths that you will hear of when you opt for remodeling your bathrooms. But now you know better. Just ignore them and create your dream bathroom.

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