When you set your foot out in the real world to buy a new house, it’ll easily be the most significant investment you’ll ever make in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s newly made or recently renovated – having a certified home inspector who can inspect the overall quality of the home is very critical before making the final purchase decision. 

Keeping that in judgment, we are sharing some of the frequent problems that most home inspectors face when performing a thorough pre purchase inspection

The List Of Problems Faced During The Home Inspection Process

1. Damage from Water

It should be realised that drainage & moisture issues can easily lead to foundation problems, rotting, structural damages and the growth of toxic mould inside the house. The leading causes for the above issues are:

  • Sealants are not effectively installed across the house, and the roof is thereby leaking.
  • Leaks that occur in-between connections of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. 
  • Tree roots that are invading the drainage lines and therefore clogging them as well. As a result, the sewage water that is supposed to move out of the house is getting stranded. 
  • Roof gutters are getting blocked out due to the formation of debris and dry leaves from nearby trees. 

2. Faulty Wiring Inside the House

There’s no denying that faulty electrical wiring is a common phenomenon in most houses, leading to house fires and that too especially inside older homes. Some of the causes of the problems as mentioned earlier are:

  • Wire connections are not properly spliced, and there are exposed wires throughout the house. 
  • Circuit breakers are not correctly installed, and the ones that have been installed are of improper sizes that cause the whole electrical system of the house to become overloaded. 
  • Overloaded circuits lead to overheating and thereby meltdown of the wiring.
  • Wires are not properly connected where neutral and hot wires are reversed, leading to a shock hazard. 

3. Formation of Mold

It should be remembered that surface mold usually occurs inside bathrooms and basements that are poorly ventilated. Some of the implications for the same are:

  • Coming in contact with black mould can lead to serious health problems such as asthma.
  • Black moulds occur due to the formation of leaks or cracks inside the house’s foundation.

4. Issues with the Water Heater

Whether your water heater operates on electricity or gas, they are certainly one of the most neglected appliances inside most homes. The following are some of the signs that’ll push you towards a water heater replacement:

  • Jammed or stuck TPR valve, which leads to the pressure & temperature of the water heater exceed safe levels.
  • Disposition of rust on the surface of the water heater.
  • The water heater is more than ten years old.

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