Love your doors? Well, everyone does. It’s not only the entrance to your home, but also creates a first impression. But what if this door looks too worn out or old? The need to give it a new look then becomes real. But you just can’t change the entire door only because its presentation is not impressive. The best idea here is to try and renovate it by keeping the base intact. And before you ask, yes! This is very much possible.

The Incredible Ways to Give Your Doors a Better and Revamped Look!

Revamping doors isn’t much of a task! Just the right amount of makeup on your older one and a little creativity to twist the design of it — and voila! The magic is done! Want to try some of these on your door? Read on!

1. The Retouch on Wood

Wooden doors are already classy and can stay with you for years. And if it is looking really bad then maybe your wooden door has already seen a few decades. But don’t worry, we can still let it be of the timber base and make it look just like a newly installed one! Go for sanding on the door and choose your favourite polish for it after repairing the dents and holes. Whoa! Your door has turned a new leaf!

2. The Painted Perfection

Bored of the traditional brown timber look on your doors? You can always paint them in some glossy and vibrant colours and give your entrance a jolly uplift. Call the professional painters in Hamilton from Flamingo Exterior Plastering who are excellent in this job and let them try their hands in renovating your doors in the most astounding way. After repairing the dents and filling in the holes, they can coat a new and classic paint colour on your doors and make them come alive.

3. Just Change the Accessories

OK, So your door is excellent, but you aren’t convinced if the handles and accessories on it are worth keeping or not. If you think that your locks, handle, and other accessories are destroying its pristine look, then you can change them by bringing in new hardware. These days, you can even customise them – say, your initials carved in sleek steel as a handle!

4. The Changed Panels

If you have glass doors and these seem to be asking for a change, then you can just go for changing their panels. Of course, cleaning the glasses to its pristine shine is mandatory. And for the panels, you can change their shade, polish and even material to give your doors a classy new elegant look that is enough to charm the entire exterior of your house. Pro tip – If you are not scared of coloured, try stained glass – they shall make your door look like a piece of art!

We believe each of these ideas are one of their kinds and can look extremely fabulous on any kinds of doors. So, which of the ones stated above suits your purpose and choice and can enhance the beauty of your home?

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