Contactless technology is gaining popularity day by day. It may be making payments, iris scanning to sign in for the duty hours, QR code scanning for many social media platforms or infra-red sensors used to open doors and windows or control the indoor lighting system. Many of the industries are embracing this contactless technology not only to keep their workplace secure but their workforce safe. While the demand for touchless or contactless technology was already rising, the pandemic has catalyzed its popularity. The touchless door entry systems are in high demand, and more and more commercial and residential occupants are demanding the same. 

It may be the main office door, the cabins of the managers in the offices, or the garage doors; almost all prefer to install thetouchless entry systemsto avoid direct contact while operating them. Let us discuss the benefits.

The Benefits Of Installing a Contactless or Touchless Entry System

  • More secured – Unlike the regular doors that need keys or fobs to open and close them, touchless door entry systems, it becomes easy for the security team to lock or unlock any door without turning anything. Piggybacking or tailgating is zero with this contactless technology used in the doors. Again, any office or organization employees can avoid cross-contamination and stay safe, particularly during this COVID period. 
  • Saves energy – Unlike other mechanical and electrical doors, contactless doors consume less energy, and they only require full power when access is requested. They also minimize the waiting time of opening and closing and are fast. Thus the temperature inside the building almost remains the same. Therefore, the HVAC does not overwork and consumes more energy fattening the energy bills. 
  • Gives remote access – One can remotely control the touchless door entry systems’ working without moving to the door. They can be governed by the administrator or the owner of a building or office to give or to stop access to someone using WIFI, Bluetooth, or Voice recognition systems. 

Various Types Of Contactless Doors

Today the market is flooded with touchless door entry systemsand various touch-less detection system is incorporated in them.

Let us discuss a bit about them.

  • Voice Recognition System – The doors open or close, recognizing the voice of the user. Chips and computers back up all these contactless doors. The users’ voice is recorded in the hard disk, and as and when the users enter or exit, they give the command or say something near the mic. The machine matches the voice in its database and, if matched, follows the orders else rejects the request. 
  • Facial And Iris Recognition – One of the methods of operating these doors is through biometric methods, excluding fingerprint recognition. The camera scans the face and iris, matches with the database, and allows entry or exit opening the door. The door gets closed automatically after few seconds. 
  • Movement Control – Some touchless door entry systems operate simply following some gestures or sensors that work on infra-red technology. The gestures are captured, and the doors begin to act. Again motion sensors detect the movements and automatically open or close the door.  


It is time to take advantage of contactless technology for the doors as far as possible to keep the indoors secured or to stay healthy without any chance of cross-infection. Again, they are easy to operate. You can access the door with a voice command or sensors.

Touchless access control is the new buzz, and in the times to come, its uses will expand beyond office entry systems. Use it and feel the advantages without any operational blues.

Hope you like the above mentioned information about Touchless Door Entry Systems!

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