If you are keen on renovating your home completely, you should start not with anything else, but with the restoration of your old roof (roof restoration). Old sagging roofs, broken shingles, broken parts of the roof, shingles jutting out from different portions of the roof, can be some of the causes for which you need a roof restoration. It is the best idea to hire some of the finest professionals who can work for your roof restoration in the given span of time.

You can check the following conditions to know when exactly when you need a roof restoration. If you want to go for a complete home renovation, then there is a constant need to check out the current condition of the roof. You can go through the following checklist:


6 checklist items before you go for roof restoration

1. Condition of shingles

When you find that shingles have either curled, or they have broken or they are completely absent. Then you understand that it is the right time to go for roof restoration Also, you can go for roof restoration when you find that the shingles have become dirty, wet, or heavy and they have trapped moisture to a large extent. Water runs downhill, and hence to know about the condition of the wet shingles, you need to check the moisture content and then hire the best practitioners.

2. Granules in pipes

If you find that there are lots of shingle granules in the pipes and gutters, then they might block the sewage altogether. It is during this time that you need to hire people for complete restoration.

3. Broken openings

Roof objects and openings have suffered from wear and tear: If you find that the roof surface and the openings have broken and there is water seepage, no proper drainage, and complete exhaustion of the roof construction, then you can go for a complete roof restoration. If it is monsoon, and there is constant water dripping from the roof surface, then there is a definite need for proper restoration. Often, if there is small-scale fixing required, then you can go for repairing only, but if there is much damage that has already been caused, then you need to go for roof restoration.

4. Paint chipping off

If you find that there is blistering or wearing away of exterior paint, then also you see that there is a need for quick fixing or going for a permanent restoration of your roof. This will eventually reduce associated costs like spending on roof repairing after every six months or one year.


5. Stained walls

If you find that the interior surface of the walls and ceilings of your home has stained, and from that stained, damped surfaces there is constant sewage or drain water leakage, or if you find that the roof is adversely affected by the plumbing lines and there is unsteady water flow all throughout in the bathroom and kitchen, staining walls there also, then there is a need for an immediate roof restoration.

6. Sagging deck

If there is a roof deck in your home, and if it suddenly starts sagging, then there is a need for roof restoration. The trained restoration specialists have their own sets of tools and raw materials with which they can stop the water dripping and provide a healthy solution for your roof.

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