Real estate agents are the ferry between many people and homeownership.  They guide us through the treacherous waters of what houses you can afford, what’s still on the market, and sellers who don’t want to drop their prices.  If you’re new to house buying or enjoy the power of a professional on your side, it’s a good idea to find someone who suits you.

Here’s how.

Look At What Houses Interest You

Although it may be exciting to consider skipping several steps to buy a house, you shouldn’t see a place without an agent unless you plan on going without one.  Agents will know if a home is still available, have answers about the sellers and the area before you, and guide you through any problems.  When you’re online window-shopping for homes, most sites will have agents currently working in your area listed.  Consider researching some of these professionals.

Seek Out Word of Mouth Recommendations

Let people in your friend and family groups know that you’re interested in buying a home.  Most groups will have at least a couple of people who bought property recently and will be able to offer you the name of their agent if they liked them or will tell you who to avoid.  Their word-of-mouth recommendations are a great way to get a review since it’s often from someone you trust.

Look At Reviews On Local Sites

Look around on sites that review real estate agent companies, or let you know which firms offer what you need, and try to find someone through these sites.  If you have an agent on your mind, try to see if you can find any reviews for them specifically.  Buying a home is a big decision; it’s okay to be thorough and ensure that you find someone who will work to save you money and find the perfect home for you.  If you notice someone has one or two rough reviews in the middle of a ton of good ones, it’s a good idea to talk to them yourself to find out what they’re like.

Interview the Candidates You Like

When you have enough candidates that you’re interested in, try to interview your top picks so that you can pick your favorite.  Although you should choose the one you get along with, you shouldn’t let that be the only reason you hire them.  These pros would have the power to get you a good deal or possibly may steer you incorrectly if you chose poorly.  Take your time, talk to them, and then let them know if you go a different direction to spam you with calls or emails.

Look At Their Rates Before Agreeing

What many people forget to do is look at the rates of the people they’re working with.  Money is an awkward thing to discuss, but you have to know what their percentage is.  It’s better to know early than find out after they’ve done a lot of work for you that they charge seven percent rather than the industry standard.  Be upfront and ask.

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