Exterior design is the first impression you get of a house, whether you are selling or buying one. It is what makes the potential buyer fall in love with it and become curious about what’s inside. So, there is no place for out-dated exterior designs with classic doors and fences. Instead, originality and uniqueness are what should prevail across the whole property. Here is what is steaming hot in real estate right now when it comes to exteriors and powerful first impressions.

Make notes and use these ideas when you get to the point to advertise the house online as real estate staging really brings the best out of your listing. Not only does it show the potential but it also attracts a greater interest from the potential buyers. So, let’s start.

Lots of Textures

The garden should be aesthetically filled with textures that add depth and a more relaxing ambience. For example, you can have lots of natural materials combined to create perfect natural heaven. Try clay, steel, brick, stone, ceramics, wood – everything that nature offers and see how pleasing to the eye the result becomes. Plus, this is something you can create with a small budget.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Who doesn’t want or appreciate eco-friendly exteriors? Nowadays, with all the buzz about climate change campaigns, one shouldn’t neglect the fact that every single one of us is equally responsible for the future of the planet. And the best way is to start making changes at home. So, you can transform your garden into a perfect place to raise organic food. This would benefit not only the planet but also the family that lives there.


Pools scream luxury. Just think family dinners, parties with friends, and BBQ at the pool at the weekends. Pools are popular as everyone wants to take a dip during the warm and hot months and host an awesome party. Plus, pools raise the price of houses, so if you are selling the house, a pool will immediately boost the interest with potential buyers.

Lush Curb Appeal

Never neglect the curb appeal! It is what makes the whole first impression a complete experience. However, in order to have it ready when the house is listed for sale, you must start taking care of it 3 or 4 months ahead. For example, if there are greenery and flowers, you must water them daily and trim them regularly. Also, you can use rubber mulch to add a pop of colour and a good contrast or blend. Plus, it will keep the plants healthier and protect them from extreme weather conditions.

Another interesting touch is making a path to the door using natural elements like stones, for example. It gives a more welcoming feel and can transform the garden into a formal or informal model. However, the choice of material must be in concordance with the whole architecture.

Show the Potential

Finally, when you are ready to publish it online, where most of the potential buyers (92% to be exact) are going to see the advertisement for the first time, make sure you present it in all of its glory. Show its potential and present it the best way possible with real estate staging photography. Since it is more expensive to hire a photographer who will take a photo of the exterior during twilight, you can go for the option which is much more energy, time and money-saving. That is hiring a virtual staging designer who will transform the photo taken at daytime into a twilight photo digitally.

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