Mold is a big concern for any homeowner when living in a city with around 60% average humidity like Montgomery, Alabama. It is even worse when you find the fungus growth just when considering putting the house in the market. You can’t hide it from the real estate agent or the buyer. Moreover, you can’t put up the house for sale and expect a reasonable price because Montgomery inspectors will spot mold during a home inspection. So what can you do to sell your house?

Take Necessary Actions Right Now

When it comes to mold growth, you need to take action as soon as possible, especially if you plan on selling. It is always best to put the house up for sale only after the issue has been solved. You don’t want the buyers to see your property as recovering from fungal growth. It does not do you any favors that way but will put a hamper on your chances of getting a fair sale price.

Find the Source of the Mold

You need to figure out what caused mold growth. Despite Alabama’s humidity, not all homes are at risk of mold growth. Therefore, have a thorough look around your house to find any spots or rooms with the highest moisture accumulation. Analyze all the issues you have faced so far. Have you had any water damage like a leaking roof? In short, find where the moisture entered and fix it to prevent any future fungal growth. 

Fix the Problem

Once you identified the source of the mold, it is time to fix it. Be it a leaking pipe or roof, you need to take care of it before cleaning up the mold. This prevents any further growth, making your cleanup that much easier. While removing the damaged parts, keeps an eye out for hidden mold behind the walls or ceiling. If it is serious, you should stop the work and have a professional take over from here.  

Get an Inspection

Once you have done the repairs and remove mold, you need to get a pre-listing mold inspection. This will assure you and the buyer that there is no more fungal growth in the house and goes towards closing the deal. These inspections are not cheap, but you have a document that proves you took the necessary actions, earning you a brownie point.


Mold contamination can be a severe health hazard. It can also affect property sales because no one wants to spend the money and get a fungus-infested house. Therefore, as a seller, you need to make sure your home is mold-free before listing it. With an inspection afterward, you can create a great impression on the buyers.

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