Looking for potential in every part of your house can be a fruitful endeavor and garden sheds are a perfect place to get started. There are many possibilities to explore. You can clear it out and renovate it as a storage space, making changes and upgrading the inside and outside of your shed. However, you can also go for more comprehensive renovations and turn your garden shed into a playhouse or even a studio! But how do you start?

How to Make Your Garden Shed Look Amazing?

Make some Space

The easiest way to make your garden sheds look great is to change your garden shed by making some room for other stuff or totally clearing the yard. Sheds tend to become unintentional storage spaces in which things are placed with the hope of using them one day. This leads to the accumulation of numerous items that you or your family rarely use and that decreases the potential uses of the shed.

Organize Everything

If you are storing things that you need or that you constantly use, then a good and simple way to make your shed look better is by organizing everything. This means taking a good look at what stays and what must go and then making the space a clean and organized area in which you can easily find everything.

Put some Paint on It

A great way to give your shed a new look is by painting it. You can paint only the outside but you might be able to truly bring it to the next level by painting the inside walls and shelves as well. You can go with a bright color that will make it pop in your garden or a more neutral palette depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Add some Décor

You don’t have to add a flower vase or a painting to your shed, but you can add some nice decorative items to it. These range from wooden signs with fun or inspirational quotes or making the space yours by adding a poster related to something you enjoy.

How much Are You Going to Spend?

As you can imagine, how much you spend renovating your old shed varies and it’s going to depend on the result you are looking for. The range in the United States usually goes from $432 to $1,055. One way to save some money is by doing everything yourself, of course! That way you are only paying for the materials you’ll need. The best way to avoid wasting a lot of money is to apply to experts to get a prefabricated garden shed or guidance to help you decide on the best model, the features, and how to construct and manage your garden shed.

That said, if you are planning on more advanced renovations such as adding an electric line or water pipes, you might need a professional, and prices are bound to go up. Also, if you have a considerably large garden shed, you will be spending more on materials.

The current state of your shed also plays an important role in all this. If you need roof repairs you will be spending at least $300 only on that. If you need to replace the walls this amount will continue to increase. However, if the renovations you need to make are not that extensive then you will be able to keep to a lower budget.

3 Basic Steps to a Great Garden Shed

Repairs Come First

Before you can worry about the color you want for your shed you need to make sure you identify anything in need of repair. This is important because you want to have a structurally sound shed. Therefore, you need to address any issues such as uneven or rotten floorboards, leaky roofs or deteriorated walls, and damage to any of the windows or the door.

This is a great way to avoid unexpected problems once you start making additional renovations and it will help you understand the budget you need to build and what you must prioritize.

Paint the Shed 

Painting the shed is an inexpensive way to give it a fresh new look.There are very affordable options when it comes to paints for exterior surfaces, which is the best choice for a garden shed. Depending on the color you select, you can make your garden the focal point of focus or blend in with its surroundings


After making the necessary repairs, you want to make sure your shed is a comfortable place. This goes beyond the chairs and objects you will have in your shed. Thermal insulation is necessary for you to be happy to be in your shed at any time of the year. Plus, you will spend less energy keeping the place warm or cold depending on the season. 

Add Electricity

This isn’t an absolute must but it might be very important depending on what you will be using your shed for. If it’s going to be your new studio or you are going to be spending a lot of time here, it’s best to make sure you have electricity in there. You might want to get a professional for this part as it’s the safer option. 

What to Put on the Outside of Your Shed?

One of the best materials to use on the outside of your shed is vinyl siding. There are great colors you can choose from and even different textures, which make for a more unique look. Furthermore, you can even customize it to your specific design! Plus, it is a very durable material that can last for more than 30 years.

T11 is another great option to put on the outside of your shed. There are two main types, which are plywood and oriented strand board. The latter is a great option if you’re looking for the most affordable alternative; however, it is more vulnerable to rotting because the wood that makes most of this material accumulates moisture. Plywood is a lot more durable but it is more expensive. In this case, you can look at it as a long-term investment.

Lastly, engineered wood is a great alternative as well. It is a mix of different types of wood and fibers and it looks just like the real thing. Plus, it is more durable than regular wood and it can be part of your shed for more than 50 years. Plus, painting it is super easy, which allows for further customization.

Making the most of your garden shed is a great and easy way to make your property more beautiful and valuable. It can be your refuge, a playhouse for your kids, or a special place to do your home projects. And, it will catch the attention of any prospective buyers if you decide to sell one day!

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