Planning to make our move to a granny flat? Are you worried about space? Don’t be! Granny flats have their own little charm. If you want a cozy yet humble abode, then granny flats are perfect for you. Popular with city dwellers, it allows many people to dwell under smaller spaces. However, the size is not a hindrance to style! You can make your granny flat look amazing and more prominent even with limited space and resources.

Here are some granny flat designs to make it look more spacious


Join The Indoors, And Outdoor

The granny flats allow you to be flexible. You can connect the outside area to your indoors. It helps you to make the most use of your flat. By doing so, your flat look incredibly spacious, and it is an excellent idea even for couples with kids. Your kids will get an opportunity to play in a wide area, and you can also add chairs, tables, and grilling equipment, and host your barbecue.

Light It Up

To make your granny flat look bright and spacious, you can add considerable windows to your granny flat designs. Big windows allow more amount of light to seep into your apartment. It helps to create a warm and cozy environment for your place. Also install a lot of lights in the building, as a well-lit room always look more spacious than a dull room.

Make Use Of Mirrors

When there is a space constraint, it can be managed using decorative items such as mirrors. These types of granny flat designs help your apartment look more spacious if used correctly. You first need to choose the right kind of mirror. The glass should be thick enough, as thicker glasses reflect more amount of light, and reflected lights can make your apartment look more spacious. It is recommended to place the mirrors in front of each other to create the illusion of depth in your granny flat.

Try Not To Clutter

To make your granny flat look more spacious, you should not overcrowd the space with unwanted items. It is better to opt for minimalist options for granny flat designs. Your goal should be to put only the essential elements of use, which will make your apartment look chic and spacious.

Be Careful About The Paint Color

To create depth illusion, you need to choose the paint color carefully. Try to avoid dark colors as much as possible. You need to look for light and pale colors, as they reflect more amount of light. In case you want to search for wallpapers, try to avoid enormous patterns. It can make your flat look cramped.

Keep The Floor Free

It is important to limit the amount of furniture that you use in your flat. Such granny flat designs allow you to get more floor space, and hence, it makes your granny flat look more spacious. Try to use cabinets that are attached to the wall. It will help you to create depth illusion and keep your floor space free.


Choose Artwork Carefully

In case you like to decorate your walls with works of art, then you can choose a big statement piece instead of several small ones. Smaller pieces will make your wall look crowded, and that is not a good option when it comes to granny flat designs. Also make sure that you hang the artwork at your eye level, as it will allow more space above your art and make your walls look taller and your apartment more spacious.


Now that you know what can be done to make your granny flat look more spacious, what are you waiting for? Granny flats might be small, but these tricks can make them look more comfortable and spacious! So, get creative and draw out a perfect plan to decorate your apartment.

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