Of course, there are time-tested strategies you can use to sell your home in Boston. For example, hiring the best real estate agent you can find is highly recommended during this process. Naturally, there are other ways you can impress Boston home buyers and sell your home for a reasonable price.

In fact, simply relying on the real estate agent to do the work might be one of the major factors that affect the value of the property. However, this does not mean your real estate agent is not putting in the effort. It might just be that your home does not appeal to Boston home buyers in the right way. Luckily, you can improve your home’s appeal and help your real estate agent market your place by emphasizing home improvements or other advantages that make your home stand out.

Therefore, we encourage you to engage in the home selling process by exploring all possible ways to convince buyers your home is what they have been looking for. For this reason, we will discuss what you can do on your end to impress Boston home buyers.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Keeping your home spick and span during showings is almost a prerequisite for selling your home. As a home seller, you want your property to leave the best possible impression on the greatest number of people. Hence, it is unacceptable to make a faux pas such as leaving unwashed dishes in the sink.

No matter how attractive your interior design may be, excessive dirt, dust, or general negligence could leave a bad impression on potential homebuyers. Take into account home buyers might look at hundreds of property listings and attend dozens of home openings in a week. Remember – you want them to remember your home for its qualities, not shortcomings.

It would be a shame to lose out on a deal because would-be buyers associate your home with mess, filth, dilapidation, or disrepair. For this reason, make sure your home’s cleanliness is maintained to a certain standard at all times.

Declutter your home to make cleaning easier

Decluttering your home before marketing your property is an excellent way to make its cleaning less demanding. Less furniture means less vacuuming and dusting before the open house. So, be sure to remove or store away personal items, clunky or distracting furniture, decoration, or trinkets in your home.

Luckily, there are many moving companies that rent out storage both safe and affordable for people living in the Boston area. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of furniture and other personal items in your home by keeping them in boxes in a safe storage unit.

You can disassemble and store some non-essential pieces of furniture, which is particularly convenient if you plan to move house only after selling your Boston home. The moving crew can simply load the truck from the storage unit, saving time, money, and nerves during the hectic move.

Depersonalize the living space

Also, downsizing the number of belongings occupying your living space will make your home appear more ‘depersonalized’. In fact, showing your home while it is filled with your personal belongings or peculiar, distinctive furniture and other items can be distracting for home buyers.

You want potential buyers to be able to easily imagine themselves living in your house. You can depersonalize your place by removing only those items that are clear reminders that you live there. So, remove family photos, artwork, and decoration that might distract would-be buyers from observing your home objectively.

a living room with chairs and a couch

There is an additional advantage to decluttering the amount of stuff that will be in the rooms during showings. Namely, your moving-out process will be much quicker if you have already sorted through, reduced, and selected which things you want to relocate. Also, if you find reliable and reputable professionals you can trust, they can even help you pack and unpack in your new home. This will make the process significantly less time-consuming, which you will be grateful for, especially if your buyers request to move in as soon as possible.

Minor home improvements have major results

Doing minor home repairs is among the things you should do before listing your house for sale. In fact, something as simple as painting your home can give your Boston home a new lease of life (also recommended if your walls are painted in bright, eclectic colors, which might be off-putting for some homebuyers).

a home office painted in blue

Other home improvements include doing minor repair work if need be. Your real estate agent will have to be transparent with potential home buyers. This means they have to inform them about any fault or malfunction of your home appliances or home systems.

Therefore, be sure to spruce up all parts of your home equally. Of course, executing essential improvements such as repairing your piping should be a priority. However, try not to leave your home with broken or dirty windows, mirrors, tiles, etc.

Also, Boston home buyers typically prefer to move in immediately without hiring contractors for home repairs. If your budget allows, it is better to make a small investment and replace or fix faulty appliances and other issues in your home. In this way, you can confidently ask for a higher price.

Decorate to impress, not to excess

This piece of advice comes from similar considerations we discussed in the context of depersonalizing your home to appeal to home buyers. So, decorating your home is a great idea. You want potential home buyers to memorize your home, that is, to remember it as an enjoyable, homely place.

Put a flower vase or a pleasant scent to help the buyer associate your home with something enjoyable. Otherwise, you could add subtle decorative items to make your property stick out even more in the home buyer’s memory. For example, add details such as delicate, airy curtains or an eye-catching rug to make the room unforgettable.

a flower vase next to a sink

However, decorate in moderation. You will impress buyers more successfully if you treat decorative items as hints, minor details to embellish your home. The decoration should not distract the eye from essential things such as the rooms’ size and structure. So, as much as intricate furniture and art such as wardrobes or wall-to-wall carpets might seem like memorable statement pieces, they might distract and misrepresent what your home has to offer.

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