The real estate industry is very lucrative. Many people buy property for investment purposes. Unlike other investment choices, aspiring real estate owners need to pay only a portion of the total amount as an upfront payment, rest they can pay off over time. So how do you find the best real estate investment deals?

Some investors buy property as a source of secondary income, i.e., earning rent on their property. Others may invest in real estate with the intention of Flipping. In this scenario, the owner purchases an undervalued property and earns profit by selling it at a much higher price.

Irrespective of the intention behind the real estate investment, finding a good deal is very important. The real estate industry has become highly competitive. Numerous properties are bought and sold every day. Keeping track of each and every deal is not an easy task. A little bit of ignorance on your part may cost you a lot, and you may lose altogether.

If you are looking to buy a property for an investment purpose and are not sure about how to get a good deal, then continue reading. Here are some tips which may help you find the best real estate deals for investment purposes.

Determine Your Criteria For Real Estate Investment Deals

Before you start looking for the property, determine your criteria and expectations from the property. Establish your financial goals. Decide how much you are ready to spend on the property and what are your expectations as far as returns are concerned. For example, if you want to invest in a property with a motive of becoming a landlord, then chose a locality where you can easily find a tenant. In case you aim to go for property trading, then take your time and try to find an excellent undervalued property. Once you find such deal, look for a buyer who is ready to but it at a much higher price.

Hence, determining the criteria and setting up of financial goals is the first lays the foundation of an excellent real estate deal.

Buy a Bank-Foreclosed Property

Many people mortgage their property with banks to get a loan against it. When an individual fails to pay back the loan within the agreed time, banks take possession of the mortgaged property. These properties are then put on as a listing for sale.

Banks prefer getting their money back by selling properties over retaining such them. These are known as bank-Foreclosed properties. The process of foreclosure is quite long; as a result, most of these properties require major repairs. To compensate on this factor, banks offer heavy discounts on these properties. In most cases, these properties turn out to be a terrific real estate deal for the investors.

Contact a local real estate broker, and ask them to look for foreclosed properties. Once you come across any such undervalued property, go for necessary checks and grab the deal.

Approach Owners Privately

In many areas, the property market has become very hot. One of the reasons is that people interested in buying a property are much more in comparison to those who want to sell their property. Hence, a house in a prominent area or locality may get lots of offer in its first few days of listing.

If you are looking to get a good property deal, search beyond listing services, find the owners who are interested in selling their properties, and contact them directly. The percentage of owners giving a positive response to such offers is found to be very high.

The best way to track such properties is to look for absentee owners. These are the owners who own the property, but the property is vacant for a long time. So, drive around your area and look for vacant properties. You may get the owner’s contact details through online public records. Another way is to contact landlords who are looking for a tenant. You may call them and tell them that you are interested in buying the property rather than renting it. 

If you are lucky, you will get a very good deal on the real estate you want as you would be the first one to put in an offer.

Negotiate as Per Numbers Not Emotions

Negotiation is a significant part of real estate deals. A good negotiation may result in saving lots of your money. While negotiating with the owner, always be practical and leave your emotions aside.  Your aim of buying the property is investment, and you are not going to stay there. Hence avoid getting emotionally attached to the property. Talk in numbers as far as negotiation is concerned. 

Look for several options and then select the property which offers you the best deal in accordance with your financial goals.

Search Online Resources

There are various websites which besides providing regular MLS also offer details on off-market deals. These sites give the owner an option to list their property on their website., a month before it goes on listing on an MLS. You need to check such sites on a regular basis so that you can be among the first few to find such deals.

There are various sites which focus exclusively on the off-market real estate sale of properties. They even offer various perks for both sellers as well as buyers. Finding real estate properties online is not only cost-efficient, but it also saves lots of time and effort. Though you should not be totally dependent on online listings; however, checking them regularly is worth your time.

Keep Up to Date on Public Records

Another way of finding a good real estate deal is to keep yourself up to date on Public Records. They carry all the information regarding upcoming properties for sale, including short sale properties and foreclosure properties. Government websites and newspaper are the best sources to find such deals.


If you are looking to buy a property for investment purposes, have patience, and look for the deal that looks after your financial goals. Hiring an experienced real estate broker could be beneficial as he would have all the information about the properties in your area and would help you in getting the best deal possible.

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