Wine spills need immediate solutions. If they get old, they are not easy to treat. In a few cases, red wine can also leave permanent stains. Acting immediately will remove the stain with much ease. You also have an option to hire experts, but if you are spilling wine very often, then hiring can be expensive.

You always have to look around for methods that are used by experts. You can search online for professional wine removal from rug techniques.

There are different types of cleaning techniques that are used by professional rug cleaning services. Some such techniques are mentioned by our expert team in this content. You can follow these simple techniques to remove all types of wine stains.

Immediate solution

The moment you spill wine on the rug, you should rush for blotting paper immediately. Kitchen papers are the best options. You have to soak as much wine spill from the rug, as possible. Avoid leaving the rug wet and untreated for a longer time.

Ensure the kitchen paper gets soaked up completely. The moment you perform this action ensure you don’t rub the rug. Make use of gentle action so the rug does not get damaged.

Add more wine to the stains

Wine stains can be cleaned by adding a little more wine to it. This simple action will neutralize the stain marks and they will be easy to remove using blotting paper. This is one common technique that is used by many expert services.

To clean using a wine you should try and make use of white wine only. red wine can leave marks that may not be easy to treat using red wine.

To make the cleansing more effective, you can also try and treat the affected area using a mild detergent solution. Soak a damp cloth in detergent solution and apply it to the wine stains. This will remove the stains easily.

Soda powder

Baking soda is also effective here. The method of using soda is still traditional but effective. It helps in neutralizing the stain marks before removing them. Experts follow this technique even when cleaning the rugs for all other types of stains.

Salt treatment

Salt is considered as the best treatment against wine stains on the rugs. The solution of salt and water will help in absorbing the excess of wine and stains from the rug. This is one home remedy that has been used for ages to treat rugs for wine stains.

The method is effective even on red wine spills. You can also try and sprinkle excess table salt over the stain marks. Leave it for a few minutes and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Detergent for light stains

If the stains are fresh then you can simply clean it using a mild detergent solution. You can also add vinegar to the detergent solution for eliminating the bad odor. The area should be rinsed very gently so the rug does not get further damaged.

Treating wine stains like experts is never difficult if you act just on time. For deep-seated stains, you can also hire experts.

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