The most popular material for window frames is UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride). Since eighty’s, UPVC became a common option for window frames due to its easy manufacture and low maintenance. To fit the aesthetic of your house, you can also select the color and finish. 

Despite being immune to rot and rust, if not properly maintained, UPVC windows may become dirty from accumulations of dirt and grime. Luckily, UPVC cleaning is quick, which means you can keep your windows looking bright and new throughout the year. 

UPVC Maintenance

There are a variety of forms you can take care of your windows prior to taking on the bigger messes. You will avoid the build-up of dirt from developing at all by following these easy steps and regularly cleaning your UPVC doors and window frames. 

1. Open your windows time to time

Giving your windows a fast wipe down is all well and good, but it’s in the between the frames that need the most focus. These are the places most of us are guilty of forgetting about and can get clogged up with dirt quickly. Ignoring these areas will cause your windows to become rigid and if left unchecked, cause bigger problems.

2. Regular Cleaning

Keeping the windows clean is the easiest way to clean them. You won’t have to waste time scrubbing away at dirt and grime by washing your UPVC daily or risk your windows being obstructed or damaged.

3. Using Vacuum

You may easily use the dusting brush in your vacuum cleaner to scrape tiny quantities of dirt or thin layers of dust from the edges and corners of your frames. This is not only a very fast and easy way to clean your windows, but the bristles on the brush will protect your UPVC and double glazing from scratching. 

4. Use Light Fabric Clothes

It’s important that you remove any excess moisture left over after you’ve washed your windows and left them looking shiny. You need to be thorough, but you don’t want to use something too abrasive and risk the frames or glass getting harmed. To give your windows a simple once over all you need is a soft cloth or kitchen roll.

What to Avoid During UPVC Cleaning?

It is important to use only products and techniques that are appropriate for UPVC cleaning to avoid causing irreplaceable damage to your frames. Try avoiding the following errors when cleaning your frames:

1. Dyes

Prior to using them on windows, check your cleaning products thoroughly. To give them a bright color, even harmless dish soap can contain colorants. If used on UPVC, even though they are fine for their intended purpose, they could end up staining your beautiful bright frames, which will be very hard to fix.

2. Chemicals which are harsh

Keep away from any chlorine, white spirit or any harsh chemical containing products. You may have heard old saying that recommends such cleaners, but you can’t believe them. Products of this kind would only damage the UPVC frames and pose a risk to the window sills and even the paintwork or wallpaper surrounding them.

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