If you maintain a checklist when moving from one place to another, the most significant benefit that you get is total control to make sure nothing is missed. It ultimately boils down to a few specific steps including:

  • Deciding your moving date
  • Planning your move in advance
  • Have enough time to research to find a good moving company and
  • Keep some buffer time to deal with any unfortunate events.

You can maintain this the guide to moving to a new place in your smartphone, laptop or even notebook. All you have to do is follow these strategic steps:

  • Sorting your belongings
  • Determining the most important ones to carry and those to leave behind, donate or sell
  • Planning well ahead of time
  • Narrowing down your choice of moving companies
  • Searching for packing supplies such as boxes and tape
  • Purchasing a hand truck or other moving tools
  • Setting aside all your important documents such as passports, birth certificates etc.
  • Measuring your new home so that your furniture fits
  • Making bedding plans immediately and
  • Packing up the relevant items.

Your approach will also play a significant role in moving. You can follow a DIY approach over moving companies. However, this approach will require:

  • Renting a truck – This seems to be an obvious step but there are a few things to consider while you do so. Consider the rent and weigh it up with the mileage. If you are moving locally, choose the pay per mile option as that will be cheaper for you. Otherwise, for a long-distance relocation, hire a truck on a contract.
  • Items and damage concerns – There may be a few items that you want to take along with you that may be prone to damage and need extra care and attention such as breakables. Consider the vehicle and the fixing aspects so that there is no damage done to such items
  • Accidents and complications – There can be a lot of complications that may come down to the road which you should discuss with the trucking or moving company well before. There can also be physical injuries, goods lost or damaged in transit that may cause a significant loss. Hire a professional and insured company to minimize such losses.

You may choose to ask for help from your friends and neighbors to help you move things up and down. This will save money but will also ensure trust in your ‘helping hands.’

Also make sure that you transfer your utilities accordingly by making a list of your monthly services such as:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Phone
  • Cable TV
  • Subscriptions
  • Internet and others.

Make sure that you do not overlook anything that may cause complications down the road. Write down everything and fill out the address change form as well.

All in all, make sure that you do all these things early so that you have enough time to move as quickly and peacefully as possible and enjoy your new home.

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