To augment the security of your home or office you need to install the right kind of security doors. Now the question is how you should recognize whether the door you chose is of superb quality or not.

Here we have shared a few parameters, which will help you identify the quality of the security door easily.

Security Doors
Security Doors
  • Go for the certified quality door:

Among many parameters, the first thing that you should refer to is whether the security doors you obtained from the shop has a proper certificate or not. Certifications confirm that the manufacturer has used high-quality material for crafting the door. On top of that, it will also refer that the door has undergone every test like fire protection, knife penetration. Indeed, that will validate that the doors stay resilient to scratch and force. Precisely that defines the durability and strength of the door.

Branded locks and knobs

The next point to look for is the quality of the locks and knobs regarding the security doors. Ensure that the lock is fixed inside the frame of the door so that one cannot break it easily or dislocate from the door. Check for the warranty and material offered to you. In the meantime, do some research on the net so that you can get a congenial quality of the lock. For instance, a mortice quality lock is the best one as it is tolerant and enduring at the same time.

One-of-a-kind designs

Planning for security doors does not mean you will not check out the design. Rather you should look for the quintessential design that would blend without complaining about the rest of the furnishing. It is up to you what kind of design and colour you want to look for. No need to go for traditional designs, instead experiment with the latest ones in the market. Most of the doors available to you are artistically designed.

Steel or aluminium

Now it comes to which is the right catch for the security doors in terms of material. That means do you want to go for the aluminium and steel. But between the two steel should be the answer because it is stronger than aluminium. Moreover, its resistivity and strength are double compared to aluminium. But again, one thing you cannot expect steel to be aesthetically eye-pleasing because in terms of appearance aluminium is the ruling one in the category. Its versatility is more when a design is concerned. Again, if you want both versatility, style, and tenacity then you can go for the aluminium doors with a network of steel design on top of that. So, you need to validate the quality of both the aluminium and stainless steel for the authenticity of the security doors.


You need to confirm from the seller whether the security doors are corrosion resistant or not. In that case, validate whether the steel used had undergone the hot-dip galvanizing process and later powered coating layers are developed on that. Other than this procedure, some of the manufacturers also follow the process of priming with zinc or prepping up with sand. The later said the process is much sought-after because it renders a smooth and glossy finish to the doors.

Warranty on the door

Finally, you should opt for validating the warranty on the security doors. Mostly you will get a warranty of 12 months. But generally, no such reports showed up related to the wear and tear of the security doors.

Bottom line

When it comes to choosing the Security doors you must ensure that you keep the quality as the priority and not the budget.

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