Instagram is a popular photo-sharing site widely used by individuals and businesses. If you are a business owner and are still not using Instagram for marketing your products, it is high time you start doing so now. The best part of Instagram is it is simple for you to use and you can reach out to over 800 million Instagram users on a single platform. However, to make optimal use of Instagram, you first have to know how it works.

Instagram and how to get started with taking great photographs

To get started on Instagram, you first have to create a business profile and upload all your business information. Note that unlike Twitter or Facebook, you do not have to worry about writing the right content for boosting your post. What you need is a good photograph with a catching heading to catch the attention of the targeted audience with success. The following are some simple tips on how to take the right Instagram photograph-

Photo size of Instagram- Once you have registered your business profile on Instagram, the next step is to explore other profiles to get an idea on what you can post on the platform. Experts in the field say that you should always review the content you post to make it successful. If you check the simple layout of Instagram, it suggests you should use quality content and not focus on the quantity. Note that Instagram is ideal for engagement; however, this does not mean that as a business, you post content that is mediocre. In order to get several likes, you should focus on posting high-resolution images, and pictures on you’re the business profile.

Keep in mind these key points with landscape and profile photographs

The photograph should be square, and it should be kept at 1080 x 1080 px. If you are posting landscape images, the size should be kept at 1080 x 566 px. For profile images, the size should be 1350 x 1080 px. No matter what photo size businesses upload, every photograph will always be displayed in a square form in the business profile feed.

Take great pictures with a smartphone

Most Instagram experts say that you must have a good DSLR camera to capture great pictures for your business profile. However, this is not true. You can use your smartphone to take amazing pictures of your product and post it on Instagram. The best part of phone technology today is they are improving the camera quality, and you can now use them for taking pictures of your business products with ease. Make sure that the product has the right lighting and focus. Last but not least, always remember that photography no longer has to be limited to professional cameras. Take eye-catching photographs with your smartphone and with them drive targeted traffic and returns on investment with success. Follow the photo rules as described above and you will increase likes and followers in no time, conclude experts.

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