Having its root back to the medieval period and France, Art Deco has gained tremendous fame in the architectural world! From creating fascinating living rooms to designing the perfect bedroom in this theme, this décor is always a winner. And now, the latest home décor trend embraces this concept even in the bathrooms. Yes, if you are thinking of giving your bathroom the most dynamic and unique touch, try the Art Deco theme.

The Proper Steps for Decorating Your Bathroom According to the Art Deco Theme!

Traditional and classical is the new modern today! And though this Art Deco theme may appear a little offbeat, don’t forget that old is actually gold! It has the power to uplift your décor and make it look ravishing through the vintage touch and elegant approach. Sounds impressive enough? Then start reading the ways through which you can achieve this classy Art Deco in your bathrooms as well.

1. Choose a Vintage Styled Suite

To have that complete luxurious and elegant Art Deco themed bathroom in your house, it is essential to have that wide area first. You might know that bathrooms in the 1920s in France were never compact cubes and that is why tiny bathrooms will not carry this décor with grace at all. Build a large suite that gives the room more like a vintage feel and then start the mighty décor here.

2. The Classical Wall Décor

Before you opt for this theme, let us explain to you clearly that Art Deco theme isn’t for bright shade lovers! Because all the colours can’t match the tranquility and captivity of blacks and whites! Well, the original theme of Art Deco prided in glorifying homes across the globe with the confluence of these two shades elegantly. You can have the wallpapers of these shades or simply opt for the tiles in the same hues. Even paints are accepted today for the walls of such bathrooms. And don’t worry, this decor isn’t just limited to solids, you can try the patterns you want and embrace the best one from the plethora of designs available.

3. Art Deco Bathroom Tiles

Following the walls, your tiles give the touch of class and competence to this bathroom. You can actually get a special collection on Art Deco tiles from the stores. Now call the experts of bathroom tiling in Auckland like Best Skills and explain to them your desire to adorn tiles gracefully in your Art Deco themed bathroom. They shall help you pick the right ones, work exuding their expertise — and in the end, you’ll get a classical but the bold and magnetic looking bathroom.

4. The Fixtures and Accessories Selection

Now when your basic room is ready, convert it into an ideal and comfortable bathroom that’s inspired so much by History. Since the space is lavish, you can get the vast bathtubs with medieval-style curves. Even the washbasin and faucets need to speak of basic style but with a sense of grandeur in them. And this is not all, grab the vintage-styled round mirror, some classy looking showpieces and even metal shelves and more for that finishing touch.

With the items that we listed above and the décor style you read so lovingly, your Art Deco look is going to give even the luxurious royal baths a tough competition. So, loved the theme? Try it! 

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