Being home to one of the most popular cities on Earth, New York is the perfect state for any individual who wants to be in the epicenter of all happenings. No wonder it is one of the most competitive housing markets in the world. But, as you probably expected, the global pandemic hit it hard, and some things have changed. People have lost interest in luxury downtown apartments and switched to suburbs. The demand for rural properties soars in the New York state, and there are many reasons why this is happening. Read on to learn more about this new trend and find out which NY rural areas are among the top choices for house hunters.

Why is the demand for rural properties in New York on the rise?

Given that each year more and more people choose to buy a home and relocate to NYC, it was almost impossible not to notice this isn’t a thing anymore (or at least not for now). Those who hire a real estate agent are currently searching for calmer properties in rural areas.

But why have all of a sudden rural properties become a trend?

Once you take a look at the following list, you will see that there are actually many reasons why the demand for rural properties soars in the New York State.

  • Safety and Convenience – The global pandemic and violent protests we have witnessed have made people move to rural areas because they are safer. Not to mention that going through a lockdown in a high-rise apartment is definitely not the same as being locked in a home with a huge backyard.
  • The remote era – A lot of people opt for living in big cities just because they want to be closer to their offices. But, since most of them are now working online, they get to live in an area they actually like.
  • Bigger and more affordable space – Working from home next to kids who need to attend online classes isn’t an ideal situation, especially in tiny homes. Many families solved this problem by moving to bigger houses in rural areas.
A beautiful rural house
Moving to a rural area comes with a set of benefits

Another benefit of switching to the rural setting is getting relief from the city and stressful everyday routine. Rural areas are perfect for people interested in buying a child-friendly home and who want to start fresh, away from the hectic crowd.

Best rural areas in New York to check out this year if you are on a house hunt

Although the demand for rural properties in NY is on the rise, that doesn’t mean you should settle for any available rural property. It is essential to find a good investment that is the right fit. A real estate advisor can assist you by pointing out properties and areas worth investing in. After all, they are familiar with current real estate trends and understand the housing market.

Speaking of current real estate trends, let’s take a look at the most desirable rural areas that every home hunter should check out this year.

Orange County

Orange County is ideal for people searching for beautiful countryside. Although there are many towns in this county with a rural setting, we have mentioned only two of them.

  • Newburgh – Offers an urban-suburban feel and is perfect for people who have just moved from big cities.
  • Middletown – A great place for couples who want to start a family. This is another town that can provide both countryside and a city-like atmosphere.

Whichever city you choose, Orange County-based professionals can help you relocate there hassle-free. Reliable moving companies will make the transition from urban to rural areas as simple as possible for you.

A mother holding her daughter in the field at sunset, symbolizing one of the reasons why the demand for rural properties soars in the New York state

Rural areas are great for starting a family and raising kids, which is one of the reasons why the demand for rural properties soars in the New York state

Westchester County

Those looking for affordable and spacious homes simply have to check out Westchester County. Here, you can see everything your heart desires – rivertowns, peaceful villages, and beautiful surroundings. It is the second-most populous county on NY’s mainland, and for a good reason.

Westchester homes became a massive hit after the coronavirus outbreak, especially among the Brooklyn and Manhattan folks. At first, Westchester was only a getaway place. But, once people realized that coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, they moved here permanently.

This county is in high demand, so if you find a home you like, we suggest getting it right away. Once the time for relocation comes, find reputable movers, and you will settle down in Westchester County stress-free. Relocations can sometimes be overwhelming, but a good moving company will know how to keep the stress and problems away.

Madison County

Since we are talking about the demand for rural properties in NY, we have to mention Madison County and its town Cazenovia. At first, many people wanted to visit this town just because of its name. But, once they saw its potential, a lot of them decided to settle in Cazenovia.

Not only can this town provide safety for your family, but it can also bring tons of new opportunities. Residents enjoy spending time outside and exploring natural wonders like Chittenango Falls. Trust us, just one drive to Cazenovia will make you sell your old house and buy a new one in Madison County.

Tompkins County

Ask any outdoor enthusiast, and they will tell you that Tompkins County has the best places for hiking and camping. Not only can you find lots of entertainment and museums here, but you can also become a part of a diverse community.

Residents of Tompkins County are nature lovers, interested in sustainability, and passionate about art.

The demand for rural properties soars for a good reason

As you can see, there are many reasons why the demand for rural properties soars in the New York state. The coronavirus outbreak has definitely played a tremendous role in the increase of this demand. However, the beauty and the appeal of the rural areas in the state, too, have a lot to do about it.

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