The Troodos Mountain is the largest mountain range in Cyprus. Travel an hour to the north from Limassol, or to the west from Nicosia, you will find yourself at the top of Troodos. It is a refreshing green oasis in the heart of the island and it is a perfect getaway from sizzling summer days at the coast.

Troodos has to offer a wide range of activities for visitors and residents, from spending an active day in nature with your family to exploring charming villages and cultural heritage of the region.

Across Troodos, there is a network of beautifully laid out walking trails with various difficulty levels, for all ages. Hidden in shaded forests, passing rivers and waterfalls, overlooking valleys and the sea in the distance, they are perfect for hiking adventures for the entire family. With a total length of 57km and altitude difference of up to 400m, ‘Troodos cycling routes’ are waiting for keen cyclists who can enjoy biking all year round.  Picnic and camping sites are equipped with a range of facilities for the visitors, while fish and donkey farms are offering exciting fishing adventures and donkey rides. Leisure walks along rivers, streams, dams and waterfalls are one more way to enjoy breathtaking Troodos nature. Xantara, Caledonia, Mesa Potamos and Millomeri waterfalls, together with Xyliatos, Prodromos and Palaichori dams are simply must-see. During the winter, Troodos is covered in snow. Fresh air and breezy slopes are attracting skiers and winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels.

To explore Troodos region’s cultural heritage you can start by visiting picturesque villages, centuries old churches and monasteries or go for a gastronomy adventure at numerous village taverns and wineries. Kalopanayiotis, Pedoulas, Kakopetria, Omodos, Platres and Lofou are the most visited villages in Troodos. Situated on mountain slopes, between orchards and vineyards, they are famous for their hospitality, traditional local cuisine and festivals. In Troodos region, there are many Byzantine churches, dating between 11th and 17th century that UNESCO has included on the list of World Heritage Sites. 

Food and Beverage Establishments

There is quite a few Traditional Restaurants / Taverns and less cafeterias and entertainment, in every community but certain Communities due to diachronic character and Popular Attractions have developed more in this business area (Platres, Omodos, Agros, Kakopetria, Kalopanayiotis.

Through the year they are facing some operational problems but many have managed to be established and valued by customers.

During high season periods customers are facing highly demanded establishments and service quality problems.

Activities and Entertainment

A large number of Exhausting Full Day Bus Tours are organized in the area from all cities of Cyprus by Tour operators through Packaged Group Tours in summer.

They are visiting attractions of great interest but having a loaded itinerary long driving routes there is minimum time for elaboration, experience or interaction with nature and activities.

Safari is a popular tour experience traditionally offered in the area. This kind of tours begin early in the season and finish later than the bus tours, covering a substantially long period. The same way with Organized Bus Tours, they also come with a loaded itinerary and long driving routes and there is minimum time for elaboration, experience or interaction with nature and activities.

Individually someone can visit and experience a diversity of Troodos Park Attractions and Activity Centres

•             Natural Attractions and Places of Interest, Environmental, Geological and Botanical Centres.

•             Unesco World Heritage Monuments, Byzantine Monasteries and Churches.

•             Wine and Koumandaria, vine yards and Wineries.

•             Other Traditional products factories.

•             Fruit, Vegetable, Power Food and Herb farms as well as Animal Farms too.

•             Communities’ Festivals i.e. Of Holy Cross in Omodos, Rose festival in Agros, Days of Koumandaria in Greater Pitsilia region, of Levanda in Platres and many other usually themed and named after a product that is traditionally produced in the communities.

As we mentioned before Troodos as a Tourist destination will be having a diachronic character.

Now a mature Tourist destination is having a rejuvenation stage.

Big Governmental Development announcements, Authorized development committees, changes in the administration system and Knowledgeable and Experienced Investors, Individuals and funds are studying investment opportunities in the region. 

Market Trends

•  Increasing trend by Cypriot citizens to visit stay and organizing many of their family and friends events on the mountain areas.  Especially on Christmas, Easter Holidays, Public Holidays and Weekends.

•  Increasing trend by foreigners, having Cyprus as their temporary residence, as well as their visiting friends to explore the island and learn about its history and culture

•  Emerging trend by Local and Tourist groups for Organized Alternative Tours and Combined Experiences (Agricultural and Religious but especially Activities in Nature, Sports, Spa and wellness)

•  Emerging trend for Business’s Employee Incentive schemes with activities and trainings in the area.

•  Emerging trend for International market to travel individually and organize their own tours in Cyprus

•  Emerging trend from International market to have sport teams or individuals, visit Cyprus as part of their preparation for competing, either before major International events, or participation on their countries National League. 

•  Emerging trends by people for participating in activities involving fitness and well-being, in conjunction with healthy-leaving style and proper diet and exercise programs.


•  A general high appreciation of the Natural, Cultural and Heritage Endowments of Broader Troodos area from all tourist market segments, visitors.

•  Upgraded events and festivals organized either by Community Councils or by private initiatives in order to promote tourism recreation and activities in the area

•  Big Sports and Environmental Projects recent development and other projects in planning process (Organized Hiking Trails and cycling Routes, Adventure and Theme Parks, Platres Sports Centre)

With increasing activities and developments in the Troodos region, there are also ongoing projects for improving infrastructure and connections with major cities in Cyprus. The Limassol to Moniatis village highway is under construction and it will enable travelers to complete this section by car, in just 20 minutes.

In recent years, Troodos is attracting more and more visitors who come to enjoy all above attractions. As a result, Troodos properties are in high demand and Troodos region is currently bustling with new residential and commercial developments. There are new projects for luxurious hotels, conversions of old traditional houses to hotels and projects for modern, high-end mountain properties in Cyprus. Thanks to good yield returns, great rental and Airbnb revenue potential, Troodos region is emerging as a new hotspot for investments in properties. Currently there are attractive mountain properties and plots for sale in Platres Village, Pera Pedi, Moniatis, Kalopanayiotis, Prodromos, Pedoulas and in many others.

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