Are you planning to relocate to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and searching for the best place to live there? You have stumbled upon the right article. Neighborhoods in Beverly Hills are luxurious, safe, and well-maintained.

This article will give you all the information you require to understand what Beverly Hills offers you. Moreover, it sketches a complete picture of Beverly Hills to help you make a better and informed decision for investing in Beverly Hills.

What is Special about Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is the most popular city in Los Angeles and perhaps in Southern California. It is a stand-alone municipality surrounded by Los Angeles and the embodiment of the entertainment industry, fame, and wealth. 

Were you also introduced to this beautiful city through film cameos and music lyrics, from Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” to the movie Pretty Woman? You must also be aware of the famous zip code, 90210, from the broadcast of the 90’s television series bearing this numeric string in its name. 

For all that you have seen of Beverly Hills in the TV shows and in movies, you might have the impression that Beverly Hills is a huge city with a constant hustle-bustle. The truth is Beverly Hills is a with around 35,000 residents. It is technically a suburb of Los Angeles, an excellent place to invest in luxury homes that have the perfect picturesque views. Also, this town consists of both kinds of neighborhoods, the buzzing and crowded, and the peaceful and private. I am listing down the best neighborhoods to live in Beverly Hills, so it is easier for you to select one fulfilling your requirements. 

Beverly Hills Location

Beverly Hills is divided into two sections: north and south by Santa Monica Boulevard. Locals of Beverly Hills refer to the city’s two sections as “north of the tracks” and “south of the tracks.” North of the tracks refers to the city of Beverly Hills and parts of Los Angeles city that reside north of Santa Monica Boulevard up to Mulholland Drive. On the other hand, south of the track refers to downtown Beverly Hills and adjacent residential neighborhoods.

North of the Tracks

In the north of the tracks, you will find the famous Beverly Hills Flats, Beverly Hills Gateway, and the secluded area of Beverly Hills Post Office. Let me take you through these areas in more detail, so you have useful information about which area suits best for your needs.

Beverly Hills Flats 

This section of the city is situated between Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevards. In this neighborhood, you will find Beverly Hills mansions along its tree-lined streets. This neighborhood offers its residents large plot sizes of around 11,000 to 15,000 square feet, which is the perfect size for your luxury home. 

Beverly Hills Flats has an electric mix of architectural styles such as mid-century modern, colonial, and Hollywood glam style as well as brand new construction. Beverly Hills Flats is home to countless celebrities and the best place in Beverly Hills if you are looking for both privacy and a bit of limelight. The homes closer to the main throughways in Beverly Hills are more exposed, but it offers residents convenient access to shops, restaurants, and other venues. 

It is an ideal location for people who like to stay fit because Beverly Gardens Park provides a gravel path, perfect for walking and jogging. Its extended greenway follows the northern edge of Santa Monica Boulevard. To extend the route, runners can weave into and around the Flats. This route will take you through the lily pond, Beverly Hills sign, a few sculptures, and the electric fountain. Moreover, you will observe that many neighborhood streets are lined with one specific type of trees. For instance, Beverly Drive is lined with palm trees, whereas Maple Drive is full of maple trees. 

Beverly Hills Gateway

Beverly Hills Gateway sits on the gently sloping foothills of Santa Monica with Sunset Boulevard to the north. It is also the starting point for drivers as all three canyons converge here: Benedict Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, and Franklin Canyon. Beverly Hills Gateway is primarily a residential area and is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. This neighborhood has an impressive visual appeal with stunning mansions, mature trees, and impeccable landscapes. 

The main attractions that you will find in Beverly Hills Gateway are the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and the Greystone Mansion. Moreover, the Polo Lounge, bungalows, and poolside cabanas create the best combination of luxury and casual comfort for you in Beverly Hills Gateway.

Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO)

Beverly Hills Post Office is the neighborhood with the famous 90210 zip code. It is located further into the hills, just past Beverly Hills Gateway and to the west of Trousdale Estates. As you go further, you will find several residential neighborhoods, enclaves, and gated communities nestled in the Santa Monica mountains. The remaining subdivisions are part of the Beverly Hills Post Office. This area is a part of Los Angeles city and not Beverly Hills but is a perfect location for you to enjoy the incredible views from the extraordinary estate set on hillsides, with thoughtful security measures and privacy in the neighborhood.  

Many high-profile celebrities such as Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, and Eddie Murphy have purchased homes here at some point. Along with celebrities, the neighborhood also has non-celebrity residents who want to experience a typical suburban lifestyle. This neighborhood enjoys the prime location near the major Beverly Hills thoroughfares. Moreover, it has lower price point homes with the same views that many other popular Beverly Hills property options offer. Some homebuyers in this area buy houses to completely remodel them or rebuild them from scratch to meet their needs. If you are planning to move to BHPO, check out all the homes for sale in Beverly Hills.

South of Tracks

Towards the south of tracks, you will find the Golden Triangle, the famous Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills Doheny SW & SE residential areas, Roxbury Park Residential Street, and La Cienega Park residential neighborhood.

Golden Triangle 

Golden Triangle, also known as downtown, is the commercial core of Beverly Hills. All the amenities are available in the neighborhood, and you don’t have to hop on your car for all of your daily tasks. You will also find public transport via Metro and Los Angeles bus. Therefore, you do not require a car for your daily errands.

For dog owners, downtown offers a convenient off-leash stomping ground for dogs. But there is a catch: the park is only available to registered city residents, hotel guests, and people who work in Beverly Hills. 

Besides, this neighborhood has the Beverly Hills Public Library, offering an extensive collection of books, programs, and events for all ages – from toddlers to teens and adults. There are also story time periods for younger kids and reading groups for older kids. Hence, it is the perfect location to shift in Beverly Hills for families. At large, this neighborhood is eminently functional and useful to its residents. 

Rodeo Drive 

Now that you are aware of the advantages of living in the Golden Triangle, let me also take you through Rodeo Drive, situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle. 

Rodeo Drive is undeniably one of the famous streets globally, with more than 100 world-renowned stores, restaurants, and hotels. If you want to shop your hearts out, this is the place for you. The crème de la crème of high-end shopping in Beverly Hills. The cheerful and festive atmosphere of this area can easily uplift your mood. So, if you are not into shopping, you can sit on those sidewalk tables, sip an espresso, and just watch people around you. 

Rodeo Drive has a worldwide reputation for upscale shopping. But when you visit Rodeo Drive, you will be surprised at how small the shopping area is. It stretches from Sunset to Wilshire, but the shopping section’s holy grail is only three blocks long. If you visit to check out the real estate properties in Beverly Hills, do not forget to pass Rodeo Drive. 

However, I would not recommend this shopping street to bargain hunters. But it is not necessary to shop, and you can enjoy the hustle-bustle of tourists and locals around there. If you are lucky, you might be able to spot a few celebrities too.

Beverly Hills Doheny SW & SE

Beverly Hills Doheny SW & SE are two residential blocks that you will find south of Rodeo and across Wilshire Boulevard. People prefer moving there because it is a centrally located area and easy to go around in Beverly Hills. The streets in these two blocks are well-lit and dog-friendly, while grocery stores and restaurants are accessible by foot. 

This neighborhood offers you houses in up to $9 million compared to much more pricey houses in the north of tracks. Residential plots here are symmetrically shaped laid out on a grid system. Moreover, you cannot miss out on how each block has its unique species of uniformly planted trees, such as southern magnolia, queen palm, and pink cedar. 

Roxbury Neighborhood 

In this neighborhood, you will find a park with the same name, Roxbury Park. Locals there have rated it to be their favorite resource. At Roxbury park, you can savor the lush green grass under shaded trees and relish a picnic with your family over the weekends. You will also discover various recreational facilities within the park, such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and lawn bowling. 

Additionally, the Roxbury Library also exists within the borders of the park, perfect for a family day out. There is good news for dog lovers who want to shift to this area. There is a fun-filled event, Woofstock 90210, held every year for families that offers food, live entertainment, and pet adoption/rescues.

The Roxbury Drive shines brightly with houses of various Hollywood stars that live or have lived on this street in the past. Many celebrities such as Jimmy Stewart, Peter Falk, Diane Keaton, and Jack Benny have called this street their home. This street has a diverse collection of houses to offer – Tudor style, modern colonial, ranches, and classic brick home. I have sold many houses on this street in Beverly Hills. 

La Cienega Neighborhood

East of Roxbury is the La Cienega neighborhood and park. Real estate in La Cienega primarily consists of small (studio to two bedrooms) to medium (three to four bedroom) sized single-family homes. In this residential area, you will find a mixture of owners and tenants.

The famous La Cienega Park has soccer fields for all ages and a playground for kids. The park is also welcoming to dogs, but they need to stay on a leash. Moreover, to keep the residents entertained, the park also screens movies on its large inflatable screen. 

The weather here is mostly sunny; hence, La Cienega park has taken advantage of it and set up outdoor workout stations. It is no less than an indoor gym, and you will find several equipment pieces such as elliptical, rowing, leg press machines, and more. In addition to this, there is also a short jogging track for its residents as well. This neighborhood is a winning combination of cardio and strength training for fitness enthusiasts without any second thoughts. 

La Cienega also includes community center houses, adult and senior recreational classes, and rooms for rent. Across the street, there is also the La Cienega tennis center, Frank Fenton field, and Margaret Herrick library operated by Beverly Hills. All these facilities make La Cienega a desired neighborhood to live in.

Life in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is known for its glamour, mansions, and wealth. Living here, you can experience the small-town life in a big city. Generally, Beverly Hills is known for its shopping, but living here, you will notice there is a lot more to this area. There are events like Woofstock 90210, weekly farmers market, and art shows that create a sense of belonging and community amongst the residents. Regardless of the neighborhood you choose, you will access most of the amenities by foot. There are so many activities, sights, history, and food to discover in Beverly Hills. Living in Beverly Hills can never be dull! To know more about the real estate of Beverly Hills, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Moreover, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to know everything about real estate in Beverly Hills.

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