When you make the decision to put your home on the market, the first thing you will be told is that staging your home is one of the most important parts of selling your home. Your home will need to look your best in order to attract potential buyers, get the full asking price for your house, and sell your home quicker. Cleanliness is one of the most important parts of staging your home, as it’s what people will judge your property on. Here are some of the best cleaning tips that you can use before you put your home on the market.

Tend To Your Exteriors

Your curb appeal is one of the most important parts of improving your home’s attractiveness on the market. The way your home looks from the outside will make up your potential buyer’s first impressions of the property, and will affect their perceptions of how much they are willing to pay for it. As well as tending to your lawn and plants, you should also consider pressure washing your driveway and walls. Bricks and paving stones can collect dirt, but pressure washing them before a sale can make your home look much cleaner.

Focus On The Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two rooms in your home that can get incredibly dirty and messy, as tile can get very dirty due to steam, soap scum, cooking smells and much more.

What makes this difficult is that the kitchen and bathroom are often two major selling points in the real estate market – many people will look carefully at the kitchen and bathroom when buying a home. Wipe down all of your surfaces and get rid of soap scum on the walls of your shower, and treat any bathtub discolouration. If there are any lingering cooking smells in the kitchen, try burning a chef’s candle, as this can eradicate these bad smells.

Focus on Floors, Ceilings and Walls

Many people do a brief cleaning of their home when they put it on the market – however, many people miss the peripheries of their interiors. However, the floors, ceilings, walls and windows of a home are often closely inspected by potential buyers. Clean windows will make your home look a lot brighter and improve the amount of natural light that gets into your home. Removing dust and cobwebs from the corners of ceilings and removing any stains and dirt from your walls can make your home look much more professional and new. You should also deep clean your floors by steam cleaning carpets or mopping floors to get rid of bad smells and stains, and make your home look much more inviting. Pay close attention to these peripheral areas, as potential buyers will be looking at them closely.

Clean Your Bins

Many people neglect their outdoor bins and trash cans when putting their homes on the market, however, many people look inside them in order to judge the cleanliness of the homeowners. Dirty bins can also contribute to your home having a bad smell, so it’s in your best interest to wash them before you put your home on the market. You can pay to get your outdoor recycling and waste bins professionally cleaned or clean them with bleach, anti-bacterial spray and hot water.

Deep Clean Soft Furnishings

Many people leave their soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions and rugs on display in their home to make their home look inviting and interesting – staging a home with luxury homeware is one of the best ways you can improve your home’s attractiveness on the market. However, you need to make sure your soft furnishings are clean – dirty soft furnishings can smell and make your home look worse, so make sure you are washing all curtains and cushions and steam cleaning any rugs. Your home will smell amazing and look fantastic with these homeware additions.

Cleaning your home is one of the most crucial parts of selling your home quickly, especially in an unpredictable market – incorporate some of these tips to improve the likelihood of a quick sale and optimize your property’s market attractiveness.

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