Landlords don’t always have it easy as some believe. Having an apartment to rent can be a source of stress: making sure that the apartment is in top condition and be on good terms with your tenants — all of that requires planning, organization, and interpersonal skills. Luckily, renting your apartment doesn’t have to be stressful, you just need to find ways to beautify your apartment so it’ll be attractive to potential tenants. So, if you’re looking to change your place for a bit in order to attract tenants, here are some ways how to do it:

Best Ways to Make a Big Difference With Small Changes to Attract Tenants

Paint the walls

Walls are the first thing many prospective tenants notice when entering the apartment, therefore it’s important to keep them clean and immaculate as much as possible. If you want to play it safe, just paint your walls white, so your place will look bigger and more spacious. You should paint or at least clean your walls every time your old tenants leave, so your new ones will be able to move into a place that’s made up and spotless. Of course, you can let your tenant paint the walls as they like, but always make sure that they repaint them back to their original color before they leave.

Best Ways to Make a Big Difference With Small Changes to Attract Tenants

Renovate your kitchen

Refreshing your kitchen may seem pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment, as people do spend a lot of time there, preparing meals, eating or simply, enjoying their morning coffee. Therefore, changing your kitchen for better can definitely attract tenants and make them feel welcome. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on new kitchen cabinets and drawers, instead, you can use furniture wallpapers as they’re a cheaper and less permanent option. Also, make sure that everything in your kitchen is working so your tenants won’t have to be bothered to fix things as soon as they move in.

Spruce up your hardware

There’s nothing worse from moving to a new apartment and realizing that doors are squeaking and that windows aren’t properly sealed. So, in order to make your apartment livable, you need to fix everything that’s broken. First impressions are crucial to potential tenants, so before letting anyone in, it’s necessary to choose the right restoration hardware so you’ll be able to mend all that’s not working. It may be a hassle to you, but your tenants will see that as a sign of professionalism which will also make them seem more favorable towards renting from you.

Best Ways to Make a Big Difference With Small Changes to Attract Tenants

Appliances do matter

Many people that change apartments already own their own appliances, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an extra effort to ensure more comfort for your future renters. Adding a washing machine, a dryer, a microwave, and a flat-screen TV will add value to your home as it’ll seem better equipped and more comfortable. Besides, you’ll be seen as a reliable landlord who likes to make their tenants feel appreciated in their new home.

Best Ways to Make a Big Difference With Small Changes to Attract Tenants

Declutter your home

If you’re looking to increase the attractiveness of your home, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy. In case your old tenants just moved out, give them some time to return and get their belongings, but if they’re not showing up, send their things somewhere where they’ll be able to pick them up. Seeing a bunch of old and unneeded items is a big turn-off when looking for a new apartment, as it takes away the focus from the beauty of the place. If you don’t have time to declutter, ask your friends to help you or simply pack everything into storage boxes and move them somewhere else.

All of these changes aren’t that drastic and if you mind your spending, they don’t even need to be that costly either (especially if you recycle first). The most important thing is to make your home look clean, functional and nice-looking, so you’ll increase your chance of renting it to people who’ll be able to take care of it and keep it in good condition.

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