City life is great. For some people, at least. Others, however, crave something different. A serene lifestyle as far away from the hustle and bustle as possible. Luckily, the state of New Jersey can offer that. Full of tiny settlements providing their residents the peace and quiet they desperately need. Those in the process of buying a home will be happy to know there is a wide selection of houses available within these small towns in New Jersey. And even though prices can significantly vary, there’s a bit for everyone’s budget. Here are the best small towns in New Jersey for homebuyers.

Best small towns in New Jersey to make a life in

Here, we will round up the top picks of petite communities packed with properties worth investing in, excellent schools, and various other amenities. Each provides the settlers a chance to enjoy life and participate in numerous activities.


Robbinsville is a New Jersey town located in Mercer County. With a population of about 2,900, the place truly is tiny! Nonetheless, it’s still regarded as one of the best places for homebuyers. This little town has good access to highways, which makes commuting reasonably straightforward for those working outside of it. Residents report feeling safe in the area, and the crime rates remain relatively low.

Robbinsville is a family-friendly town full of parks to take strolls in, lakes to visit, and landscapes to appreciate. It has an inspiring vibe, which can be described as urban meets suburban. Children receive excellent education here as the area’s school district is a work of art.

With a median home price of around $430,000, Robbinsville isn’t the cheapest place to buy a house. However, when we consider the median household income of about $170,000, which is significantly above the national average, the prospects of living and working here definitely don’t seem bad.

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This charming little town in Morris County is one of the best small towns in New Jersey for homebuyers. It’s anything but dull! Thanks to the numerous events taking place in Boonton, there’s something to do all year long.

Being a community of around 8,000 people, it’s understandable why its crime rates are on the lower side. The overall safety and the fact that the public school district is rated highly make this place great for families with kids. The neighbors are friendly too. Therefore, everyone that chooses this town as their permanent residence will soon find themselves feeling welcome.

An average house in the area costs about $390,000, and most people here own their homes. The place is conveniently located near major highways, meaning that traveling in and out of it is pretty easy.

Those looking to Boonton as one of the best small towns in New Jersey to purchase housing can rest assured that Morris County offers reputable help when it comes to real estate experts and moving companies. There’s no need to dread making the transition as you won’t be doing it alone. You’d be doing it with professional assistance!

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Chester Borough

Another one of Morris County gems, Chester Borough, has retained its small-town vibe while becoming a popular tourist attraction. It’s considered a doughnut town, which essentially means that one municipality is surrounding the other. In this particular case, Chester Borough is surrounded by its larger counterpart, Chester Township.

The population of this petite settlement falls short of 1,700. However, in no way does its tiny size equal a boring experience for settlers and visitors alike! People who choose to spend time here temporarily and permanently can enjoy taking walks around the red-brick-covered downtown or paying a visit to one of the antique shops.

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation since parks and trails are all around this beautiful place! Chester Borough has even been named one of the most beautiful small towns in New Jersey! The most notable parks in the area are Black River County Park and Hacklebarney State Park, where children and parents can go hiking or watch the leaves fall during autumn.

Life in Chester Borough, New Jersey, while excellent, can prove to be expensive. With the median home price at $820,000, the place has even managed to make it into the Forbes list of America’s most expensive towns for homebuyers! This can make settling in this great state, or rather, settling in this mesmerizing tiny community, a bit tricky. Still, those with a tight budget should in no way steer clear of Chester Borough. In the long run, calling it home is worth spending a few extra bucks.

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Located in Camden County, in the South of New Jersey, the town of Haddonfield is home to around 14,000 people. It’s named after Elizabeth Haddon, the 18th-century colonist whose house is still standing and is the oldest one in the area! The place is also full of history, making it a perfect tiny community for those who love learning about the ancient days.

Neighboring Philadelphia is close to Haddonfield, and getting there takes only 20 minutes! Going from one part of the town to the other is relatively easy, even on foot. Cars are of no use here. Or as some locals would say Haddonfield is suitable for both the elderly and the young. The city is packed with excellent schools, and the dynamic downtown is filled with numerous restaurants, cafes, shops, and galleries. However, if you prefer solitude, there is also nature to appreciate and breathtaking views to take in.

An average home in the area costs about $500,000. This, combined with the average household income of around $150,000, puts Haddonfield high on the list of livable places in the Garden State.

And there you have it, some of the best small towns in New Jersey for homebuyers and house hunting! Of course, there’s more where that came from! Still, before you decide on the community you want to settle in, do your research. Visit, explore the town with your own eyes, create memories. That’s the only way to bond with the place. The only way to see whether it would fit your lifestyle, and ultimately, the only way to know whether you would be capable of calling it home.

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