Just how many times you are told that the ambiance around you impacts your physical and mental health? Yes, it is true! Architects around the world are trying to convince individuals into getting a beautiful and refreshing space so that even their mental and physical health prospers. The interior décor of your home or office either stimulates your mood or depresses you. That is why giving good thought to your interior is essential if you care about your health and wellbeing.

Tips to Get That Healthy Décor Imbibed in Your Home!

Normally, every day, you spend around 10 to 16 hours of your time in your home. Now, during the lockdown situation, your home has been transformed to your office as well and you are practically staying indoors all through the day. It goes without saying that your interior decor and the way your home is kept would impact your mood and health a lot. And if you are looking for a healthy mind and body, then follow the below listed décor tips:

1. Start with Decluttering your Home

A relaxing space is never cluttered and messy. Even your decorators will agree to the fact that they can’t carry out the decorating procedure in a cluttered space. And it’s a proven fact that the messier your house is, the more stressful you feel in your home. So, tidying and organizing the space perfectly is the key to a good home.

2. Create a Soothing Corner

Can’t you find a soothing and relaxing corner for yourself? Then create one! Allot a nice space in your home where no one heads too much and start decorating the area. Add a lounger, pouf to put your feel up, a throw to feel cosy, add a bookshelf nearby with your favorite books, a plant to keep your company, some nice artwork or knick-knacks for that touch of luxury – and voila! You have a hideout to overcome your blues.

3. Bring those Plants In

You just can’t dismiss the role of greenery where health is concerned. The addition of plants in your home is enough to charm up space and make it feel fresh. Make sure you choose the right indoor plants for sustainability.

4. Colour Therapy

Never underestimate the power of hues when it comes to designing a health-focused home! Science has proved that colours impact your mental health and this eventually affects your physical being as well. Create a fantastic looking décor theme in your home with soothing paints like sea green, dull peach, soft pastels and beige or whites. Get the work done by the best painters in Auckland like Kowhai and enjoy a space that immediately calms you down and lifts up your mood the moment you enter the area. Their years of experience and best skills in paintings can also provide you with fabulous pops of colours in your home to create visual interest and also add an element of fun.

After these basic procedures, don’t forget to get those wall arts with motivational and happiness quotes to adorn your walls, do change your flowers regularly, and spend some time with your plants – you shall surely feel rejuvenated. 

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