Are you looking for fresh ideas to spruce up your walls? Tired of taking the same old paints and wallpapers route? Luckily for you, there are other ways by which you can beautify your walls. Your walls can be a blank canvas for your imagination to decorate. If you want to personalise it, you can create a feature wall, if you want a theme going around the house, you can create a thematic wall, and so on.

6 Tips To Beautify Interior Walls

Here are some easy tips to do the same:6 Easy And Resourceful Tips To Beautify Interior Walls

1. Use Wall Tiles

Using wall tiles is no new concept. Kitchens and bathrooms have seen wall tiles for as long as we can remember. With the surge of new patterns and designs in tiles, you can now use wall tiles in living, dining and even your study rooms. All you need to do is plan and envision your rooms distinctly so you get what you thought of. There are various types of wall tiles we can use to create an accent wall – mosaic, endless vein, and 3D design tiles are some of the popular choices. You can even opt for simple wall concepts for a unique floor to ceiling look in your space. The best part? The wall tiles are strong enough to sustain for long and their maintenance is low too.

2. Creating A Gallery Wall

If you have a lot of pictures from your childhood, of your family, friends and pets, you can create a gallery wall. Put up framed pictures of yourself, family, friends and pets and create a personalised and a very personal space of your memories. Every time you pass the wall or look at the pictures, you will go down the nostalgia lane or think of the happy memories. Who doesn’t love that? You can also keep some space for more memories to add in!

3. Painting A Mural

Let your wall be the empty canvas for your imagination to flow. Let it transport you to your safe and comfortable space. If you love painting, then this can be your chance to decorate the wall in your own way. Do what you are good at, murals can be an excellent two for one as it will beautify your space no less, but will also showcase your talent to others.

4. Install Shelves

There’s no such concept as enough storage. No matter how many boxes or drawers or organisers you bring in, you will still feel the need to incorporate more shelves. There is, however, a very good way to make a space more functional and aesthetically beautiful – the addition of shelves! They can double up as decorative wall décor pieces as well as small and useful pockets to store stuff around for quick access and reach.

5. Include Tapestry

A tapestry is a piece of fabric with pictures and designs that are created by embroidering a canvas. It is usually used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing. They add warmth and texture to a plain room. You can choose rooms like the study, mini library, or a lounging space to put up a tapestry of your choice. It could also be something personal, such as a shawl that you picked up or an embroidered piece of cloth. This adds a more personal touch to the room and makes it your own.

6. Have A Vertical Garden

If nothing else works, a small vertical garden definitely will. It is innovative and quite practical as you do not need any extra space for the same. You can use the wall to put up low-maintenance plants to enhance the space and the wall. Use wall terrariums and plants that don’t require much water or sunlight for it to grow and regularly maintain. An ideal location for this would be a wall that’s close to a window, balcony or a door so that there’s enough sunlight coming in.

These were small and resourceful tips to decorate your wall. Not much investment, not much time, all you will need are little things like photographs or small planters. If you plan it well, you can create a very interactive and unique space that speaks volumes about your personality. Find ways to decorate the walls without breaking your bank and your back!

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