In case you’re planning to move, then we are sure that you’re on the lookout for a new fresh start in your life. Even though there’s a lot of work to be done, especially when moving, the feeling of experiencing something new is always exciting. However, one of the most challenging responsibilities that you need to face when planning to move would be to relocate your furniture. 

Moving your furniture is a time-consuming & tedious job that no one likes to partake. This is why we are going to share some essential tips so that your overall process becomes a lot quicker – with the help of removalists in Newcastle services. 

Tips & Tricks To Know When Moving Your Furniture

Start Disassembling

Not all the pieces of furniture that you own need to be moved in an assembled manner, which is why you’ll need to disassemble the ones that you can. For instance, your wooden table will have removable wooden legs that you can disassemble and then start the moving process.

By performing such a disassembly process, you’ll not only make your job a lot easier but also make it easy for the pieces of furniture to carry around. 

Always Keep Track Of Your Furniture

Once you complete your disassembly process, you need to ensure that you keep track of each part, so that you’ll know which one to use when you proceed to perform the reassembly procedure. Make sure that you possess all the required bolts & screws with you. 

In case you’re not good at remembering things, you can always label the furniture parts. Labelling will also help you verify all the parts when you ship your furniture. 

Use The Correct Moving Equipment

You definitely want to move your furniture pieces without breaking your back, and for that, you’ll require the correct equipment. In case you’re moving on your own, then be sure to hire a hand truck, so that bulky & tall pieces of furniture can be moved with ease.

However, if you plan to hire professional movers, then you’ll have nothing to worry about since they’ll be the one to take care of all your requirements. 

Try Moving Your Furniture Slowly

Ideally, you’d want every part of your furniture to arrive at your new home without any scratches or dents, which is why we suggest always to move your furniture slowly. You should take your time and perform your task so that they don’t get damaged when moving through hallways, doorways or stairs. 

Even if you hire professional movers, be sure to monitor the moving process so that furniture moving process stays slow & steady. 

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