When it comes to commercial kitchens, you can only find them in cafes, restaurants and some businesses. It should be realised that these kitchens are larger in size than residential ones, and they also need a better level of disinfecting & cleaning. 

With that being said, in this article, we’ll be going to discuss the ways through which commercial kitchens continue to differ than residential ones. Along with that, the reasons why they should be kept clean, the needs of vapour cleaning and the ways through which commercial cleaning services in Toronto could benefit a commercial kitchen space.

The Ways Commercial Kitchens Are Different From Residential Ones

It should be realised that commercial kitchens differ from residential ones on the number of legal regulations they need to follow. Since commercial kitchens are responsible for making food for the normal public than just any other private family, the stakes are higher. Moreover, commercial kitchens are said to have a wide range of cooking stations because of the different types of food they’ll need to cook. This include grilling, cooking, baking, frying and even a prepping station. 

Each space inside a commercial kitchen space should be large enough so that it can accommodate the employees safely. Commercial kitchens will also have access to sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, walk-in freezers, ovens, stoves and so on. Moreover, the counter space in commercial kitchens is also larger. This is the reason why commercial kitchens require more cleaning than residential ones. 

The Importance For Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean

One of the main significance of keeping commercial kitchens clean is because they are kept in use for a long time, which is why everything should be well-maintained & clean. If there’s any lack of proper care or even cleaning, then it can quickly lead to the shortening of the life of the appliances & also their effectiveness. 

For example, a simple build-up of oil & grease on a stove can easily impair the stove’s ability to heat up something evenly – thereby making the whole system a fire hazard. On the other hand, if there’s any failure in properly cleaning a sink, then rust can start to appear in the faucet’s head, and there will be a build-up of debris. 

This shows that neglecting any area of the kitchen can prove to be catastrophic, and therefore retaining a commercial kitchen clean is essential. 

What Do You Mean By Vapour Cleaning?

Vapour cleaning is defined as a process that uses a versatile, chemical-free and hugely effective steam cleaning procedure in the kitchen. It works by heating & pressurising water, and then releasing it as fine vapour. 

The Need For Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services ensure that food standards and health codes are maintained so that customers are able to obtain the best possible food & dining experience. 

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