When you get the good news of your first child’s arrival in this world, you go through an incredible phase. From the first toy to the first room, you want everything to be just PERFECT. You may find the purchase of toys and clothes like a cakewalk, but what about the kid’s room? Hey, would-be parents, you’ve got more or less eight months only.

Wait, wait! We don’t want to keep you under stress. That’s the reason we’ve brought 8 easy ways for decorating a comfortable kid’s room. Have a sneak peek of it.

  1. Everything starts with planning

Having a baby requires planning. Even though the news came as a surprise to you, welcome him or her with a fun-loving room. Begin your planning with the room size, location for keeping necessary furniture, toy area, crib, etc. Once you know the dimensions, figuring out the rest of the stuff becomes easy. If you don’t want to invest your time in it, then you can choose a home builder or interior designer.

  1. Color, color, which color?

Believe it or not, the days of blue and pink are not that much into existence. Nowadays, colour contrast is trending more. The best pairing would be black and white. But you can also opt for blue and lime yellow, red and baby pink, and dark brown and light green combinations. They are some creative and fun gender-neutral shades.

  1. Personalize a wall

A feature or personalised wall isn’t just for the master bedroom or living space. You can go the extra mile and get creative with your would-be coming kid’s room too. A few ideas to start with are to make geometric patterns, stencil designs, or write their name (if already chosen). Even wall stickers of movie characters, animals, or shapes can be considered to begin their learning phase.

  1. Add comfy kinds of stuff

Remember, it is a kid’s room, and therefore, the comfortability aspect should be kept first. You need to choose right flooring option and cover your hard flooring with a fluffy carpet. During the first year of your child’s birth, you may be required to breast or bottle-feed your child, hence place a comfortable chair. Even soft blankets and some cushions of different textures and fabric will be handy.

  1. Think about storage

In the beginning, you need access to a large storage space. Otherwise, your kid’s room may look messy, which is not at all good for the new-born child. So, think about the aspect of how will you store the nappies, wipes, baby skincare kit, cotton wool pads, clothes, and rest of the stuffs. Avoid keeping drawers as they can trap your baby’s little fingers. Mounted cupboards or storage fabric boxes can be an ideal option.

  1. Pick a comfortable crib

Unquestionably, a crib is the most significant element in your baby’s room. This is a central piece for which you should be ready to spend big bucks. Before checking its design or colour, determine whether or not it is made following the safety standards. Sometimes, parents use their 30-year-old baby crib, which might be dangerous for your new-born child.

  1. The mattress matters the most

When it comes to the mattress, then think about your baby’s safety first. 100% cotton (softer ones) will be going to make your child feel comfortable and it is also good for his or her gentle skin. For sheets, there is a range of options but go for fitted sheets only. Always keep sheets in spare as your baby may get nature’s call anytime in the night, due to which you might need a spare sheet.

  1. Look for window treatments

Windows are the other place where you can get creative and showcase your skills. There are many tricks to give your baby a comfortable sleep and good air all day long. You can either hang the curtain higher than the window and go for bold colours or get a light-proof material curtain. Anyways, it would be a perfect retreat for your baby.

New life, new beginnings

This is all in all a new beginning for you as parents and for the baby too. You should be prepared well in advance to avoid all kinds of mess post-delivery. This will also avoid mistakes when designing your baby’s room. To get more wonderful ideas, check out the ideas on Pinterest and experience the arrival of new life into your house.

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