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Going to a multiplex and watching a favourite movie on the big screen is what most people do for recreation. Whether it’s with your friends, family, or solo – you can escape the reality for some time all the while watching the movie.

However, due to the present scenario where theatres are shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are missing such a pleasant and entertaining experience. Hence, many people are opting to create a theatrical experience at their home itself. If you’re one such person and thinking to build one at your home, then this blog is a perfect read for you.

Having theatre experience at home means you have to think about lighting, sound effects, and the overall atmosphere of the real theatre. While making one at your home, you may tend to do some mistakes that you might not be aware of. From picking the room to the right placement of speakers – you need to know about building a home theatre.

That’s why we’ve brought you this topic you might do while creating your own home cinema. Go through each point thoroughly and avoid doing them to have a fantastic viewing and listening experience.

Mistake #1: Picking the wrong room

If you pick the wrong room for home theatre, it will not be much different from normal TV watching. When you want the sound effects and display as same as that of cinema, picking the right room is necessary.

The room must be in a rectangular or square shape with minimal natural light. It should fit at least seven to ten seats with a minimum gap between the screen and seating. The sound emanating from the speakers and television must be of the best quality. The room should be in such a way that any outside sound must not disrupt the watching experience.

However, not everyone has a perfect room. If you don’t have this kind of room, you can transform any of your bedrooms into it. Close the ventilation with soundproof materials and insulate your windows. Move the furniture into another room so that you can arrange the seating. Though a temporary setup, you can get the cinematic feel.

Mistake #2: Not investing in good-quality speakers

Watching a movie with a great display but poor sound loses every bit of interest in you. So, while arranging a home theatre, make sure you are having high-quality speakers that spread the sound in every direction.

Also, it’s important to buy speakers that are suitable for the room. Depending on the room’s design, size, and capacity – the speaker model can vary. So, while buying, make sure you are taking an expert’s opinion. Visualise your room to the seller so that you can get your hands on the right one.

Mistake #3: Not taking care of the cable wiring

When building a home theatre, you have to take care of the cable wires. Most people don’t leave the extra wire and later struggle with the wiring when they have to move the arrangement. Speaker wires, connection cables, extension cords, etc. are a few important devices that you need to take care of beforehand. You can contact professionals about the type of cable wires you need for home theatre.

Mistake #4: Buying the screen with the wrong display size

When planning to design home theatre, buy a screen with the correct display size. Most people, in the temptation to watch a movie on a large screen, buy a big-sized TV. While it’s true, if not placed at the right angle, can do more harm than to give you good viewing experience.

To understand it correctly, imagine a real movie hall. In which angle would you like to sit most? It’s mostly to the centre of the screen at the straight eye vision angle. So, make sure you’re arranging the display screen at that angle.

Moreover, you need to consider the resolution. If it’s 720p, then the display screen must be big or should be placed at a short distance. Or if it’s 1080p, you can place it a long distance. Whatever you do, the viewing angle must satisfy everyone who is going to sit there.

Mistake #5: Not taking care of the main door’s location

Have you observed how it’s irritating when people move in front of the big screen? Yeah, that’s the same problem you have to face in-home theatre if you didn’t plan the main door’s location.

So, whether you renovating the room or constructing a new home theatre room, see that the door’s entrance isn’t coming in between the viewing angle. This means you have to create a path in such a way that people coming in and out of the room are not obstructing the path.

And don’t be in a state to assume that people don’t move in and out of the door. Whether it’s to bring popcorn, beer, or for washroom – there will always be movement.

Mistake #6: Ignoring the instructions on the reader’s manual

No matter whether you are a pro or beginner in arranging a home theatre – make sure that you are reading the instructions on the manual. Reading thoroughly will allow you to construct a home theatre as a professional. And it also helps you not to make any mistakes that you might do otherwise. In case if you have not understood any instruction, make sure to consult a professional.

Mistake #7: Miscalculating seats and seating arrangement

Seats are the primary furniture when arranging home theatre, and if you have not selected them well – the entire viewing experience will be greatly disrupted. So, ensure that the seats are well-cushioned and big enough to fit any kind of person. Also, see that they are set at an optimum viewing distance. For this, you have to select the chairs either big or small according to the room you have.

So, what do you think about these mistakes? Make sure you’re not making them while constructing home theatre, and enjoy watching your favourite movie or TV shows with your family.

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